Beehive Collective Kickstarter

So there’s a lefty communal artists group called the Beehive Collective. They’ve been drawing posters w political themes for quite a few years. They’re Kickstarting their latest poster to raise funds for a print run. The poster is named Mesoamerica Resiste! It’s intended to depict the battle to protect Mesoamerica’s (Columbia to Mexico) cultural and ecological diversity from the typical industrialization plans that pose a threat to the region.

HOWEVER, the politics are not the reason I’m linking. The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and the prints are typically a massive 6’ wide by 3’ tall. Amazing work, and they try to emphasize the positive and capture local flora and fauna in amazing detail. They need a little bump to meet their rather high 30k goal and the prints are well worth the 25 or 30 they’re asking for them.

Here’s the Kickstarter link:

Here’s a sample of their work: