Been playing with the recently released Eclipse TC

Is this the full and final game? Or are they just releasing this as a prototype for a larger, long-term project?
All in all a fun little game - lovely protagonist model… sorta outweighed by the clumsy looking “Keepers” but still. Using that old crazy physics action as the primary gameplay element in a slightly different way is actually damn fun. I cannot tell you the number of times I’ve fucked myself with my own weapon, launching a table or whatever into my own face.

anyhoo, check it out here:

Does most of the gameplay just consists of gravity gun combat? Or is there more in the game currently? I’ve looked at the vid and I guess I’m expecting something more full-fleshed in the Heretic/Hexen mold.

I watched a video of this a week or so back. Didn’t know it had been released. Downloading now.

Tried out the first couple levels. Pretty fun. Really well made. I was having a hard time until I realized you had to power up thrown objects for them to do any real damage.

It froze up on me at the cutscene just after the hut in Blackmoor though.

Is it just me or is some of the music pulled straight from HOMM?

Okay, I’ve finished the entire thing now so I can comment on this.

Yes, the gameplay is mostly just throwing stuff. However, at the very end of the (extremely short) campaign, you also gain the power to summon up fireballs and throw them around. If they decide to add more in the future, I can see them adding more powers that do more interesting things than just destruction.

Overall, it’s a good mod. It looks and sounds very good and is worth a playthrough. There’s just a not a lot to it.

And a lot of the music IS ripped from HOMM4, yet they don’t mention it in their credits anywhere. I’ve mentioned this on their forums. Wonder what kind of reaction I get.

Yeah, thought so. From the site I was expecting stronger RPG elements but it seems to be mostly done as a small experimental project for cutting teeth on, so I’m not complaining.

Interesting. Even if TCs are non-profit, that can’t possibly be legal if you’re doing public distribution.

I could be wrong here, but wasn’t a lot of HOMM4’s music taken from public domain classic/opera pieces?

That could explain it. The last HOMM I touched was 3…did it share a lot of the libraries with 4?

I always wondered about that, since I know the Subterranean Theme was also used in Anachronox. Still, I find it strange that they never give credit for the work, even if it is public domain. HOMM4 made no mention of it either.

You can hear HOMM 2’s music everywhere, I also wondered if Rob King’s music was beeing pillaged by everybody, or if he used public domain score…

Still if its not just Midi music, but an artist played it, it could cause legal troubles.