Beer glass scum

I’ve only recently acquired some real, pint-sized beer glasses. I no longer have to drink out of the bottle and/or use a plastic cup if I get a one of those mini-kegs! However, I’ve noticed that every single time I put them in the dishwasher, they come out with some sort of dried scum or gunk all over them. All other IKEA glasses, dishware, silverware, plasticware and Slurpee cups in the same load come out perfectly clear. It happens every time and looks like dried pepper. It seems there is some old pan scrapings or something bouncing around in there, but why does it only attach to these glasses and nothing else? I can tolerate a little grit in a glass of milk, but my beer must remain pristine!

1: Wash them by hand. Dishwasher Detergent is abrasive and will leave little micro scratches in your beer glasses, causing you to have too high of a head when you pour a beer in.

2: use a commercial dishwasher cleaner to clean the crap out of your dishwasher. Some of that grit may be mineral deposits from your water, and will also scratch your glasses/other stuff.

I have this problem too, it’s usually due to not rinsing all the dishes well. If there’s little bits of food stuck to the bowls it will stick inside the glasses on the top rack then get baked on in the drying cycle.

Switch to no-heat dry if you can. It saves money and can prevent this problem, just rinse the soggy bits out when you unload the glasses.

Are you using a rinsing agent? I had the same problem and the repairman swore it was because I didn’t use the stuff.

I was pretty dubious, because the Jet-dry commercials seem like an obvious scam, but what do you know, using it fixed the problem.

Edit: Also check and see if you have a user-maintainable filter you can clean out. You make have junk trapped in your washer.

Kind of a harsh name to call beer glasses, don’t you think?

Thanks for the hints. I’ll try to clean it out and try some rinse agent. I still wonder why the beer glasses are the only ones that attract the gunk. Everything else in the load looks fine. My dishwasher is trying to hint that I drink too much?

Is the heat dryer really that much of a energy consumer? Are we talking about $10 a year of savings or something similar?

I don’t have much to contribute to this thread except for the amusing mental picture of pouring, say, an Ayinger Celebrator into a red plastic cup.