Before there was Terminator

Well before Arnold did The Terminator he did a comedic western called the villian, where he escorted “Miss Charming Jones” somewhere for money. Dressed in a baby blue Cowboy outfit he deliver’s three songs over the course of the film. but mainly, i just want to see him in that ridiculous blue thing.

I don’t know about all that, but I will tell you one thing: Ann-Margret is frickin’ super hot, man. Holy crap.

The basic description was “Swedish born singer, with red hair who started her Hollywood career in quiet…” You know cause red hair is rare, and it’s a good way to tell one person from another if you dont know them to well.

Oh yeah.

Something tells me, he meant in her prime…

Circa late 60’s. Elvis Ann-Margret.

or, say:

Not now. Obviously. that would be like dating your grandma. I also disavow the majority of the 80’s when she had ugly-ass Dallas hair.

Plus, she’s a really good dancer. You have to see some of her movies to understand. NOTE: I swear I am not gay. No, really. I’m not.

The only movies I’ve seen her in were Grumpy Old Men Two and part of The Villain, and I don’t recall dancing in either.

Was she the neighbor,or the one that was kinda teasing both of em, i done know i saw that a long time ago.

DDR: Ann-Margret Mix! It is your destiny.

(I’d photoshop it, but I still haven’t reinstalled after the last upgrade)

In those pics it looks like she belongs in an episode of Star Trek (the original series). You know, some chick from a random alien planet that falls for Kirk and rips his shirt off.

The only one saying anything about you being gay is you, Mr. Defensive.

That does remind me, though. What ever happened to Bruce Geryk? I haven’t seen anything from him in a long time.

Geryk, in addition to being super gay, is a dual wield PhD and thus has a lot of time commitments. He’s probably levelling on the planes of power right now.

Stay Hungry is the best early Arnie film. It’s filmed in my home town to boot.