Behold Bill Paxton Pinball!

It’s . . . beautiful.

It’s already been beheld.

I decided to put it into the games forum, but it was a toss up really. It has both game and everything else qualities.

  • it goes on forever - oh my god - it’s full of stars

Haha, it even has snippets of Martini Ranch music.

I can’t believe he didn’t include any references to Paxton’s iconic role in Terminator as Punk Leader.

Well, behold it again!

You John-types need to coordinate better. A better title instead of a teaser might have helped, but maybe not given all the obituary threads that pop up.

I hope we’ve all learned something here, about Bill Paxton.

Mark Hamill from “Slipstream” seen on lower right. “Slipstream” lane function varies by mode.