Behold the blue-burning sulfur vents of Kawah Ijen!

Those pictures are amazing.

I don’t understand how they don’t drop dead from H2S poisoning.

Oh they go home smelling like farts.


Did you just get a subscription to National Geographic, JMJ?

Nope, but my international web of associates have been active lately in supplying geographic links. Feel free to hum the National Geographic documentary theme when you read these posts…Or any of my posts, really.

Thanks to my day job as a sulphur miner I generally just hum.

So that’s where I left that Mycon. Oops!

I’m onto you Many Jars! Spreading your lectroid propaganda in the guise of ‘education’. First, the evil fish fnord thing, and now this! Expect a visit from the band soon.

I read that as ‘beard’. Frightening.

Ohh that’s cool. I see many desktop wallpapers in its future.

Curse you Banzai! You and your monkey boys are grist for my mill!

Evil fish thing? What evil fish thing?

Again, he’s probably just looking for an orifice.

Awesome. Wish I could change my nick to “The World Crime League”.