Behold the most over-expensive website ever

check it out:

cost for 3 years running?
or roughly
Bargain eh?

The COI report has some detail - £6.2m on strategy and planning, £4.4m on design and build, £4.7m on hosting and infrastructure, £15.3m on content provision and £4.5m on testing and evaluation. What I can’t work out is why that cost is repeated for three years.

But I freely admit my knowledge of website development is sketchy so I consulted a couple of experts. One had helped build a customer support website for a major retailer, to cope with similar traffic to that experienced on the Business Link site. That had been built in-house but a supplier had quoted roughly £1.5m to build it, plus £150,000 in annual running costs.

Someone should be prosecuted for corruption. This is clearly deliberate no?

I could easily see where that site is worth that much…

I think I’m starting to understand why web development work pays more than programming development work according to nearly every job search I do. That’s just a ludicrous amount of money for a website.