Being Human Series 4 (BBC)

The supernatural comedy/drama series is back, with quite a fwe cast chnges. The new story centres on another vampire plot to take over the world and opens with a grim sequence set in 2037, wwhere they’ve almost suceeded.

Tom, the vampire hunting werewolf from the last series, returns as one of the new regulars

Watched the first episode, enjoyed it, but I’m a tad worried about the time traveling. It could be good, or it could be laughably awful and nonsensical.

Some strong performances have always made Being Human worth watching, but it has such a weak mishmash of mythology and preposterous conflicts that it gets worse every season. With Nina, Mitchell and George gone I’m gonna have trouble caring. And some dystopian future with a female John Conner isn’t exactly helping the show come across as fresh or original.

I doubt we’ll see much of the future again. Just the time traveling ghost coming back to kill herself as a baby (I assume). I suspect we’ll discover the prophesy and the “war child” means that her existing is what allows the war to happen, and perhaps if she’s killed off early, she won’t be a distraction and the vampires will be able to be stopped, or something like that.

I’d be shocked if that actually proves true and they go through with “kill the baby, save the world”.

Pretty much this. When Mitchell died, I was pretty sure I was done with the show. But my love of Nina and George made me say “Oh lets give it a shot.” Then they killed Nina off screen and George died. So now I’m supposed to want to watch for Annie? And some dude and a fricken baby? I hate babies on television.

Well, clearly they are going to bring in the otherVampire and otherGhost after otherWerewolf(old) dies. Annie will likely get her door or die (has the series established if ghosts can die?) fighting time traveling ghost of future baby. By the end of this season I suspect we’ll be back to 1 wolf, 1 ghost and 1 vampire - none of them being the original cast.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the second trio. I’m thinking the new core is Annie, Tom the vampire hunting werewolf, and that nerdy, shrimpy Vampire goober who betrayed and then helped them.

The vampire hinted that his ghost would go away when the old werewolf died. Though that makes no real sense since Annie was fine, but I’m sure they’ll link that to the baby or whatever.

Thanks for saving me the time of checking this out and being cross because of those changes.

Yeah, the 1st episode of series 4 was just a whole lot of WTF from me. Killing Nina off-screen? George dies? There’s another vamp-wolf-ghost trio? Eve, George’s daughter is John Connor in some future vamp war, who has herself killed so she can go back in time and… wait, kill herself as a baby? Wait what? I’m going to keep watching, but I’m far more interested in the US version now as season 2 is a completely different story/show than the BBC version.

Some spoilers:

I just watched the final episode and I thought the entire series was pretty good, despite the cast changes. It had a few good plot twistst and the new vampire and ghost were well written and acted. The final scene sems to suggest that they have plans for a new series with the same castdespite the fact that we sem to have lost Annie as wll.