Bejeweled, Zuma, Feeding Frenzy - why so expensive?

I want to get several of the games by Popcap makes,but each single game costs $20 each!

Since there’s 5 I want to get that’d be way too much. Is there a buyer’s discount? Like if you buy 5 games, they only cost $15 apiece.

I’d also like Rocketmania and a bunch from, Yahoo games, and MSN’s Zone.

Thanks for any advice on getting a discount or something. By the way, I’m in the hospital with an old laptop and a 56k connnection. Been here over 3 weeks and going stir crazy - and that’s why I’d realy like a bunch of these timewaster games. Thanks!

Ermm… check out the RealArcade gamepass and try through them maybe?

Last time I was there, Popcap also had several bundles for sale, where you get like 4 or 5 games and it’s cheaper. And usually they were all pretty good, not 1-2 good ones and a bunch of crap.

Ermm… check out the RealArcade gamepass and try through them maybe?[/quote]

DON’T YOU have to install their realpass stuff?

Try - theres often sale items.

Hope ya get better soon… and whatever type of gaming you do while in the hospital, don’t, under any circumstances, attempt to download any of Bioware’s premium modules for Neverwinter Nights. I’ve heard doing so can cause serious complications and even death for those that aren’t in 100% tip-top shape.

Most of the portals have either subscriptions or combo deals that lower the effective price by 40-60%, if you sign up/buy several games. The newest/best games are sometimes excluded.

Try (I know they have combo deals), or RealArcade’s gamepass thingie.

Most developers with multiple titles also have combo deals available through their websites.

Best wishes to you jpinard.

thanks! :)

You play games in the hospital? Now, that’s what I’d call Hardcore!