Bend It like Beckham

This is a surprisingly good movie, even if you’re not a soccer fanatic like me :)

Sure, the destination is predictable but the trip is very funny.

My Indian friends tell me the domestic scenes are scarily close to real life (albeit crammed into two hours).

  • Alan

We went to see it last night and it was sold out. All shows, all day.

Likely to be a big hit. We’ll see it before long, I think.


It sounds too much like a porn title for me. I don’t think I could ask for a ticket to that movie at the counter without wishing I had a trenchcoat on.

But a big thumbs up for A Mighty Wind. My vote for funniest of that group’s movies since Spinal Tap…

Funnier than Waiting for Guffman even?

“I will now perform a scene from the movie ‘Raging Bull’…”

[quote=“Jeff Green”]It sounds too much like a porn title for me. I don’t think I could ask for a ticket to that movie at the counter without wishing I had a trenchcoat on.


I did make sure I asked for a ticket for “Beckham” rather than “Bend It”

Thread resurrection! I finally saw this movie tonight. I agree with Lloyd–great movie with a predictable resolution. Really fun, though, and highly recommended. And if I didn’t think it might get me arrested, I’d say both of the leads are SMOKING FUCKING HOT. And charismatic and decent actresses, so you’ll probably be seeing more of them. Good stuff. Not a movie you have to see in a theater, but definitely worth watching.

Keira Knightley was like 16 at the time, and only now is legal (in the US :)

The Indian chick on the other hand was like 24-25; she’s 26 now (and on ER for the new season).

— Alan

Anyone see East is East? Another English movie with Pakistani/West Indian stars. Very funny.

On on the soccer note, Mean Machine was quite good. The actual game at the end being the best part of the movie.

I thought Beckham was another weak, cliche, poorly made English import that we were expected to go nuts over. The two leads are extremely hot (of course you can see the beautiful Kiera Knightley - the white chick - in Pirates of the Carribbean).

Really weak (even if the household scenes were very realistic) and too long.

I tried to bend it like beckham, and I almost broke it… :lol:

I rented this last night.

I like plucky ethnic dramas and “underdog conquers all” (ala Billy Elliott), but damnit, I can’t believe this movie was the indie hit of the year. It really was not that good.

Granted, Kiera Knightley is SMOKING HOT. But it just felt like every character was a caricature. The plot was even more predictable than usual. The jokes (were there even any?) fell flat. I’ve seen Frasier do the “they mistakenly think she’s gay when she’s not” storyline about 100 times better. The soccer action was so cut up and edited it was nothing more than just flashing female legs (nothing inherently wrong with that, but there’s little narrative there.) Etc, etc, etc.

Slate’s Edelstein pretty much sums it up for me.

From that review:

She said that Beckham could put a spin on a soccer ball such that it would curve around the opposing goalie. It would be cool to see that in the movie—to see any good soccer/football in the movie, even. But the practices and matches are all chopped up into loud, confusing, pop-song-overlaid montages.

There are at least three good instances of the movie’s characters bending the ball that I can recall just right off the top of my head: when Joe teaches them how to bend it, when Jess bends the ball around the laundry line, and Jess’ final penalty kick. Only the latter is the least obvious, but that’s how she got the ball around the blockers.

— Alan

That must be some penalty kick.

That must be some penalty kick.[/quote]

Yes, had the defending team threatened the ref? Seeing as how the rules say that the only people allowed in the goal box are the goalie and the penalty taker. :)

You might refer to a free kick, I wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen the movie.

She kicks a semi-bender when she’s in the backyard doing laundry.

That so-called “kick” at the end, you never see the ball. It’s like the ball-cam is turned on and you see it all from the ball’s perspective. I don’t know about you, but in my book, that don’t count as actually seeing someone “bend it” into the goal.

Yeah whatever. Friggin soccer freaks.

— Alan