Beneath A Steel Sky - free download

Superb. Not only working with projects like ScummVM instead of calling down a legion of lawyers, but actually releasing the game itself for everyone to play? Excellent show from Revolution…

And probably smart, too. Anyone who plays and likes Steel Sky might look for their more recent games.

Almost certain, although the timing’s a little off if that’s the main plan. Broken Sword 1 and 2 have been on budget for ages, and 3 isn’t out for a fair while. Not that it matters of course - their adventures are well worth tracking down anyway ;-)


I haven’t seen my game cd in 6 years, this is great news indeed.

Yeah, I’d heard this game was pretty good when it came out (I assume you’re talking about the one with Dave Gibbons art?). So I bought a copy at a used bookstore (the Half-Price books chain sells all kinds of old software for cheap) for $2. The game runs OK on my WinMe machine but I can’t get the sound to work.

And the CD talkie version too! That’s the sort of behaviour that will endear the publishers with gamers.

What are the Broken Sword games like? Never played them.

It works great with ScummVM 0.5.0.

I played Broken Sword 1 or 2 (can’t remember) on PSX, and I can’t remember much except that it was pretty good. :)

Awesome, and a Pockt PC version too? Thanks for the link, Ragnar.

Yeah, it’s cool how many platforms ScummVM supports. They even have a Dreamcast port, which I’m going to have to try out sometime.

They’re great. The first one’s a bit too chatty at times, but they’re both excellent adventures. Some great characters, excellent jokes (“I’m an American! I’m innocent!” “Can’t make up your mind, eh?”) and beautiful production values.

I saw BS2 for only £4.99 UKP in PC World. Are the events of the first game recounted enough in the second for me to get away with not playing BS1? It’s probably going to be difficult to get hold of now.

On an adventure related note, the recent lack of them prompted me to reinstall Monkey Island 4, to finish it this time. I never got off the first island the first time I played it. It wasn’t nearly so bad as I’d heard. They shouldn’t make too many more of them, however, since it’s getting a little stale. Stans parallax scrolling jacket had me in stitches, and I liked Guybrush’s “alluring” voice, but the rest was mostly audience pleasing old gags.

You’ll be fine. The stories stand on their own, and the handful of returning characters all get short introduction spiels to explain who they are.

“Stay away from him, Rob, he’s a human time bomb.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He’s got a fuse in his mouth!”

“That’s a cigarette, he’s inhaling the smoke for pleasure.”

“Get serious, Rob.”



I liked the bit where Joey got the body with a built in welding torch and started roving up and down shouting “EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!”