Best 5 bucks I ever wasted

I have been wearing this thing for about a week now and when people ask me what it means I tell them the following…

“This bracelet stands for all the fallen and forgotten wrist trends that have just been cast aside for something newer and better. Remember swatch watches? Remember friendship bracelets? Remember Kabala bracelets? Well where are they now? Forgotten thats where! I dont forget though and this braclet reminds me every day of what has been forgotten.”

But now that these are trendy it’s a risky endevour to actually pick one up :).

Haha thats 100% true.

You forget to mention those black gaskets from the eighties. (“Madonna Bracelets”)

Yeah and lets not forget the slap bracelets. Oh yeah and the fucking sweatbands. Which made a comeback.

Dude, get over your friendship bracelet fetish!

The need to wear more than a bit of artistic bracelets wells in us all, but we repress that shit down! I mean sometimes you just can’t pull off that dogcollar bracelet or some rings. People don’t get it.

Support the Pwned

I’d post the picture, but they screwed it up and you only see “Support the” which is stupid for a joke bracelet.

What about the trend where chicks would wear different colors to indicate the sex acts they’d perform? I miss that one.

When you taught a class of 13 year olds with a veritable rainbow of bracelets on their arms, it got pretty awkward.