Best AMD 939-pin motherboard?

Well, it may be time soon for me to finally move up from AGP to PCIe…and I suddenly find myself way out of date on Motherboards. In the past I used Asus, and my past 2 motherboards were VIA (my current mobo is the Asus A8V Deluxe.

Now the thing that mkes the decision more difficult than vefore is not konwing who the clear mobo chipset leader is… is it NVidia? My last NVidia based mobo was an NForce2 chipset and man did I HATE it. No matter what memory was in it, it was always unstable.

So is the NForce chipset significantly better than back then? Is it better than VIA’s offerings? Is an ATI based chipset even an option?

Thanks for the advice!

There’s a new Asus board just being released that is notably faster than anything else to date in some tests.

In single video card mode, we were completely surprised to find performance increases on the Asus as high as 17.3%. This is an even higher performance increase than SLI mode, but in this case, both the DFI and Asus are running a single card in x16 mode. How is this possible? We re-ran benches several times and attained the same results. It is also interesting that while there is almost no increase in single mode in “older” games, the newest and most demanding titles show the biggest increases.

Super, thanks!

If you get that board, be sure to let us know how it works out :)