Best auction photos to date


Yes, awesome. Who is the band in question, do you think? Is it Blue Oyster Cult? I didn’t realize they were Canadian, but I’m not much of an music guy.

I’d guess Rush.

Bob and Doug: Hey, Geddy, like, how’s it going, eh? Thanks for makin’ it on the album. You, like, talked to our lawyer, eh?

Geddy: Oh, yeah. You know, like, ten bucks is ten bucks…

Bob: Beauty. Okay, so, here are the lyrics for our song…

Geddy: That’s okay. I already got 'em memorized…

Doug: (Awed) You, like, know ALL the words? How did you remember 'em so fast?

Geddy: Well, hey, I’m a professional!

the truth is that hoser had 'em hidden in the compartment he cut in the back of his axe, eh!

I think the best ebay auction pictures were the ones of the diablo 2 disks which had the product key prodominantly displayed.

That seems like the obvious choice, but that exact model doesn’t show up on a list of gear used by Lifeson (the ES-345 is close, but not quite the same). Could have been an alternate, backup, or practice guitar they didn’t usually use though.

I thought that you would talk about these auction photos.
(Kinda NSFW).

Ok, maybe a stupid question but why have a Godzilla monster and the ocean so prominately displayed in all the pictures if it is Rush? I thought Blue Oyster Cult, but I don’t really know that much about 80s rock bands. I know they had a hit that featured Godzilla (picks up a bus and throws it back down/ oh no, there goes Tokyo / Go, go, godzilla) and the ocean pictures seem in line with, uh, oysters.

Not sure how you would subliminally suggest Rush. Maybe have a guy dressed like Mark Twain playing the guitar? Maybe Mark Twain could be playing while also toking a bong and riding a roller coster for the, uh, rush.

Weird hints in that listing. That line about pills and powders and passion play is from Joni Mitchell’s “Coyote,” the first track on Hejira. Nothing else fits, though. BoC is from NY, and was bigger in the 70s than 80s. Rush was big in the 70s and 80s and 90s, and I don’t recall Alex Lifeson ever playing an SG.

I’m guessing Triumph, myself. Rik Emmett played a lot of Gibsons, including SGs, though mostly Les Pauls. Big band pretty much solely in the 80s, and big enough in the US to have to cross the border a lot. Loverboy and Red Rider are really the only other possibilities, if this guy has the 80s thing correct.

Huh. I didn’t get the Joni Mitchell line until you mentioned it. I wonder if he isn’t just pulling everyone’s leg, trying to sell his product. If so, it’s a step above those guys who claim to have a 360 box to sell and then send you an empty 360 box.

I’m guessing that anyone willing/able to drop thousands of dollars on a guitar, probably doesn’t have to guess whose guitar it was.

Blue Oyster Cult aren’t Canadian. That’s gotta be Rik Emmett’s guitar.

Edit: My wife just suggested that it might be a Helix guitar, because clearly those guys would need the money. Remember Helix? “Gimmie an Ar! Oh! See! Kay! What’cha got? ROCK! What we gonna do? ROCK YOU!” And people wonder why I listened to punk in the 80s.

Good call. Helix was pretty big right through the 80s in Canada, with a bunch of gold albums. Three big singles – “Heavy Metal Love,” “Rock You,” and “Deep Cuts the Knife.” Had a few of their albums way back when, and saw Helix open for Triumph on the Thunder Seven tour in 84 in Ottawa.

Anyone see Ricky praising Helix for great lyrics like “Rock You” in that great “Closer to the Heart” episode of Trailer Park Boys? “The words are easy to understand and they spell them out in their concerts.”