Best blobbers and/or 2d RPGs available right now on PC (no roguelikes/lites or puzzlers please!)

All genre names are dumb. Like Adventure games - as opposed to what, Boring games? Or Real-Time Strategy that actually means military tactics games with base building and resource management, don’t you think that Sim City or Crusader Kings or Combat Mission are RTS. Or RPG, a genre idea design to screw your mind because Fallout 2, Final Fantasy 8, Skyrim, Wizardry 8, Dark Souls and Disco Elysium are all kinda similar.

Not if you play Combat Mission the real way.

As for this genre, surely it should be called First-Person Party-Based Dungeon-Delving Adventure, or FPPBDDA, pronounced “fuhpuhpubduhdah”.

Some of them aren’t party based.

That’s not the issue here, m’lord. The problem is that a fan of the genre, the most important one in my own case, me, never hear of that term and can’t understand what it means or relate to without Roguefrog explaining it - for the xxth time in this very thread.
You’re discussing scope, when the denomination itself makes no sense in this case, and prevented this one to find the topic using the everso powerful Discourse search.

Praise be to Wumpus.

It’s not about scope. All the terms I’ve listed are misleading and incorrect. If you hadn’t heard the term Role-Playing Game you’d think it’s some kind of theatrical multiplayer simulation. It’s a niche genre so you didn’t know the name just as you wouldn’t be able to find a game in any other genre till you’re told the agreed term.

Nope. I am calling it. Blobber is stupidest genre name ever produced.

First Person Shooter
Real Time Strategy
Role Playing Game

These at least give high value concepts. The first two also are called that because before then, shooters weren’t traditionally first person and stragtegy games weren’t real-time, and those were genre defining aspects.

I was curious about this, wondering what other kinds of shooters there might have been before the first person kind that it needed to be differentiated from, and went looking for the origin of the term. There is not a lot out there, most writers focusing on the origin of the genre itself. I did find this, which is interesting if inconclusive: Origins of the “first-person shooter” generic tag | Kinephanos

There’s a group on Steam that I follow which calls them “Grid-based First Person RPGs” which is perhaps slightly too long, but more accurate.

I would personally substitute “Adventures” for RPGs because I think it’s more accurate (although of course the word “adventure” in regards to computer games now has its own baggage), but otherwise, yeah, that seems good. GBFPAs. Guhbifpuhs.

The grid is definitely one of the most important aspects of the genre, if not the most. Heck I’d fit gladly Tower of Babel into an extended listing in the genre of those games.

Well you’re usually developing stats, skills and abilities for your characters, there’s an inventory, weapons, armour, the usual trappings of an RPG so I’d say it qualifies. Adventure to me implies point and click and inventory puzzles. Obviously some titles go more deeply into the RPG mechanics than others.

Disagree completely, the grid is purely optional. The most important distinguishers are that it’s first person and party based.

We not talkingv about the same games then.

This is the baggage of course to which I was referring. Also “trappings” is exactly how I’d define those things you mentioned, and in most RPGs, of course, little to no “role-playing” occurs. Adventuring is what parties of, well, adventurers did in the actual role-playing games of yore which these games were originally aping, and it seems like a good fit for what your characters in these computer games do. I’m advocating going back to brass tacks with these terms, which is of course pissing in the wind, but that’s half to three quarters of what we do here, so.

Well true, I have also fallen into the habit of referring to “adventures” in a gaming sense to a particular genre, but outside of that of course they mean something quite different. You’re right of course, and right now I’d settle for anything that’s better than “blobber”!

Literally the whole reason for the term “blobber” is that your party is a “blob” behind the screen instead of being distinct objects.

Thanks for the tip–I’m following that group now.

Which shows how inappropriate it is, because not only can you play those games as a single character if you so choose, but some of them don’t even let you be more than one. Or worse: some very heretical ones even represent them on screen during battles!
Don’t mind me, I’ll go back to playing Metro 2033, my favourite Nis (Nausea Inducing Shooter).

I once gave a blobber to a gridder at a college party for a crisp twenty dollar bill.

He was pretty happy buying my copy of Wizardy 6 since the local Electronics Botique was sold out.

To quote you, we’re not talking about the same games then.

I’ve never seen the term “blobber” applied to a game where you can only play one character. That would make no sense.