Best blog ever

Unnecessary quotes.

I just can’t stop laughing at these.


If this were a blog, and the blogger had actually eaten all this stuff himself, it would be the best blog ever:

Sadly, it is not.

The Bacon and Fudge Danish Breakfast Sandwich

The angry, self-righteous comments are the best.

Either you are new in New York City or you dont have anything but to take pictures of people in the Subway.
No body reads those signs, they dont mean anything when there are more people standing in any NYC subway. But of course, you already would have known that if you had lived here for over 6 months.
I would NOT give my seat to a person on crutches talking my picture in a subway (I might punch him!!!) if you can take pictures on Crutches, you can STAND!!!

I think you mean Best “blog” ever.

I know I have a serious “Quote problem”, Comma fixation, (and love to use brackets), but I love that site.

God, this site is amazing.

Yeah, it is written by The Daily Show staff writer Sam Means.

I’ve seen some of Maru’s videos via Cute Overload (which is, seriously, THE best blog ever), and I am certain that Maru is the stupidest cat ever to live.

Absolutely hilarious.

The author of that site comes off as a whiny, passive-aggressive douchebag. It looks like he takes the F/V/B/D trains sometimes, if I see him I’ll smile for the camera.

I must insist that this is the best blog ever. Discovered it by accident through one of those LJ pic feed sites. It just goes on and on and on.

Best blog, IMHO.

VixVeritas is messed up. What is it even supposed to be?

i think it’s someone on the board of directors of my hoa

Yeah someone here linked me to the quotes one a few months ago and I love it.

It’d be nice to read one about unnecessary apostrophes but that would just make me angry rather than make me laugh.


And yes, I came here to post that myself!