Best blonde joke EVAR

That was kinda funny.
But I have a better one

These things are stupid, why do people post them?

Sure, this was funny. FIVE YEARS AGO.

Oh wait, no it wasn’t.

I’ve been drolled.

Well, I was starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel on my, “people who need to die,” list, so, you know, thanks. God, some of those webpages… I just clicked and clicked, flipping my gorgeous blonde locks from shoulder to shoulder, continuing to be horrified by tools with Devil May Cry headers, DBZ sigs and fat bearded avatars. By the end, I just had to pull my platinum frosted bangs over my eyes and hit alt+F4 and cry because the internet are so much smarter than me.

Edit, just like I mock Catholics with the fact that the Pope was in the Hitler Jugend, here are the words of someone Bren looks up to.

We had this joke here a couple of years ago. You know who posted it?

Derek Smart.

I gave up after 3 clicks and no sign of a joke. Can I assume getting people to click is part of the gag?

It’s all a part of the low tech DoS attack I’m launching against my high school’s web server.

The joke is, blondes are so incredibly stupid that they’ll keep clicking and clicking, eventually dying of thirst at their keyboards, still looking for the joke.

It’s the WHOLE gag, blondie. ;)