Best Bluetooth headset for celphone

So I’ve got myself a new celphone, and am connecting everything together with Bluetooth, probably to the point that I’ll start glowing with a nimbus of RF radiation.

I just need a bluetooth headset to complete the laptop/pda/phone/headset cloud. Any recommendation? I’ve got a Motorola E815.

Nextlink Bluespoon AX. Small, cheap, minimum of wankerness.

I really like the Plantronic Discovery 640 because it can be recharged in so many ways. I am however on the lookout for a stereo Bluetooth headset (for my new Sony Ericsson w800i) so if anybody can recommend one, I’m all ears.

I’ve had a couple of Motorola bt headsets, and I have not been thrilled with the sound quality even on the BT 1.2-enabled HS 850 (using it with an updated Treo 650 right now). I can’t compare it to others, so I may just have unrealistic expectations of the technology. It’s been quite usable, just nothing comparable to wired. Good battery life and range, though. Flaky charging connection on mine doesn’t like to remain charging without some cable fiddling.

I have this.

It rocks my socks.

That’s a nice MP3 player.

What does it have to do with Bluetooth headsets? I’m confused.

I use the Jabra 250v.

It’s not the smallest headset on the planet, but I do a lot of highway driving and my car isn’t the quietest thing so pure volume is important to me. The Jabra “mini-gel” ™(cc)® that goes right into your ear canal (like an in-ear headphone) makes everything crystal clear, even when it’s loud around me.

I dig my Jabra BT800 – has a small LCD display on it that shows the caller ID info (useful if it’s not, say, on your ear – in which case the LCD is against your head, so other people can’t see it)

Saw the motorola 850 on sale today/tommorow for $60. Was tempted. The flipout thing bothers me for some reason though.

The Jabra BT250V looks good – I guess the BT500 is the “new and fancy” model, but I’m not seeing why it’s worth it. With the 250v goign for $65, it seems like it’s the right choice for me…

XPAV: It’s also a bluetooth headset. You can make and recieve calls with it.


I already have an mp3 player though. Neat though.

Edit: Ordered the BT250V at Amazon. $60, no tax, free shipping. Didn’t feel like going for the $110 BT500.

I had to promise my brother not to wear it all the time though – as he said, I would “look like a dork”.

I also want a stereo bluetooth headset, but this thread is a year old. What’s the good one these days?

People who use bluetooth headphones should be escorted into a field and shot in the back of the head for the good of polite society. Just my opinion.

No no, save the executions for the people who NEVER TAKE THEM OFF.

Those poor saps who just wander around looking like they’re babbling to thin air… well… being themselves is punishment enough.

Well come and get me then.
(I’ll just use my BT headset to call the police)

A2DP Bluetooth is the greatest mobilephone innovation in ages (if the iPhone doesn’t support that, it’s dead to me).

I have the Plantronics Pulsar 590A and they’re great. The 590E are the same but without all the fancy recharging options.

Right now I’m testing the Motorola BT820 and they’re even better.
The O ROKR has pretty decent sound, but they look goofy as hell and sucks in a country with less than 200 sunny days.

I agree about the people who never take them off, but execution for using them at all? Luddite.

If you drive a car, please use one–

/rides a motorcycle and is scared of cell phone users…

On topic- be sure to TRY it on- my Motorola has great sound in and out but damn, for the life of me I can’t find a comfortable postion for it in my ear.

Those Motorolas look good but awfully big. Maybe I’ll wait for those A9’s listed on the same page.

I don’t talk on my cell phone in the car. Ever. No call is so important that it can’t wait until I’ve stopped driving.

What’s sad is the people that wear bluetooth headsets around… and no one calls them.