Best Bluetooth headset for celphone

The Plantronics Discovery 655 is accessorific. Someone above mentioned the 640, this is pretty much the same thing but smaller.

Comes with 3 in-ear gelcaps, 1 over the ear hook, a little holster, an AC adapter, a USB charger, and a AAA battery charger. They even include the battery! It’s a pretty typical headset beyond that, but I wish more companies had Plantronics’ philosphy on this shit.

All the musical options I’ve seen are bulky enough to completely negate the wireless advantage. A BT handsfree dealy is like 40-50% the total mass of a regular handsfree earpiece, a typical two earbuds attached to a dongle stereo BT widget is like 80% the size of a $9 el-cheapo wired set of earbuds. I’m not seeing the usability increase.

Lobot says, “The TaggeCo Deluxe BlueTooth headset is the bomb!”

Just got a Garmin GPS with built-in Bluetooth. Totally rocks for car calls… I can answer a call on its built-in speakerphone just by tapping the screen. If I want to dial (from a traffic light stop), it’s two pesses to activate my phone’s voice dial feature.

So I can talk hands-free without having to stick anything in my ear.