Best Boardgame of 2018


LOL, its big…but if you play the expansion its REALLY big. as it includes a time travel mechanic…:)

BTW, where did you pick up.Rhodesia: The White Tribe game? I’m not seeing it for sell…


Bruce I’d be interested in learning why Root didn’t resonate with you. Did you cover this elsewhere? I’d been hoping it would be a good light entry point for potential future COIN and light wargame players.


I can’t believe I didn’t know there was a Big Trouble in Little China boardgame! How awesome is it?


You can get it from the publisher’s site:

Although they don’t really go out of the way to highlight the purchase option at the bottom.


I played it with a friend today, mostly just to learn it. My first impression is that it’s a skillfully done and well-themed economy game, with a couple of nifty mechanics (like how choosing better dice costs you on the initiative and engineering tracks). It’s not a super complex game to teach or learn, although at first glance, it appears to be, and I like that too.

I don’t think that there’s anything special about the game, to the degree where I’d recommend it to others. But I suspect that I and my friends will play it a half dozen times or so before it stops being pointed at in the pile.

But I’d like to play with a larger group and sink my teeth into it for sure.


Please post a picture of that all setup.


Thanks! I I glanced at the site and missed that!


I did have a photo but I deleted it. Looks like what you can google, though — and it’s worth checking out!


I can relate to that. I’m at 13 plays and think it’ll get to around 20-30 range before retiring it. My biggest personal recommendation for it is how well it’s gone for me with such a variety of people, which isn’t often the case for Euro game this heavy. Unfortunately not hitting as well on Q23, so I may have misjudged its wide appeal based on the 8 people I’ve played it with. I don’t think this is a permanent addition to my collection, though, unlike the similar but much more brilliant dice drafting game Troyes.


Actually, on that note, I played a crap ton of board games this year, definitely more than any previous year. And I think I’ve burnt myself out. I played Altiplano for the first time last night, a weird engine-building via bag-building game that is essentially the sequel to Orleans. It’s a great game, like Orleans but instead of smooth, elegant, and simple, it was torturous, overwrought, and perfectly refined to be impossible to think about (but, you know, in like a good way). I left the game mentally exhausted, in a weird state of thinking the game was brilliant and never wanting to play another Euro game again. Looking at Pulsar right now makes me uncomfortable. So I’m maybe not in the right headspace to confidently say I’m getting rid of it at some point. But hell, it’s definitely no Troyes!

Sheesh, I need a board game break. What do you guys do that’s not games? I kind of lost track of the rest of it.


We should play Sekigahara on yucata, because it’s a brilliant game that is not at all a goddamn pile of rules.

That’s all I can offer you, because we don’t live near each other, so we can’t take a picnic and a book to the river. :)


Instead of Sekigahara you should both play Pax Porfiriana with me and @Navaronegun


Oooh, that’s on yucata too? oooOOOOoooooo!



I’m interested! That rulebook is intimidating!


Yeah, don’t let that scare you too much. I think there are probably still a couple rules I don’t really know. It’s a fiddly game, but fortunately the computer never forgets rules, so if something happens you don’t understand you can just try to find out why from the rules (that’s what I do). Mostly you will just buy and play a couple cards per turn. I’d be happy to do an open hand game and have a thread where I explain what I am doing and why each turn.


That’s a kind offer, but I bet we can just watch a playthrough!


Wow this looks fantastic too, but it would immediately go on the large backlog of two player wargames I never get to play. At least Rhodesia is solitaire!


It’s really worth getting. The best portrayal of that theater in gaming. Everything he does ends up getting that sobriquet.


I’m ready to play! @porousnapkin @Navaronegun

I am Ananab_Tilps on yucata.


I’ll be slow on learning the game, but also ready!

I’m porousnapkin on yucata