Best bucket list games to play in a pandemic?

What bucket list game do you dust off when a global pandemic forces you into possibly months of self-quarantine?

For me, it’s Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, the thematically-appropriate, mind-bogglingly convoluted roguelike about surviving a zombie post-apocalypse. I love roguelikes, and have always wanted to get into Cataclysm, but I’ve always been intimidated by its difficulty and complexity. Now, though, I have nothing but opportunity to slowly wile away at learning the game, watching endless YouTube Let’s Plays and quizzing the Discord as I go.

I’m also thinking of using this opportunity to finally crack Pathologic, the bizarro Eastern European Journal of the Plague Year by way of Hard to be a God FPS.

What about you guys? Which bucket list games are you using the pandemic as an opportunity to finally tackle?

Ice Pick Lodge are amazing. I’ve only played Tension (The Void) and knock knock… but Pathologic, wow. “Plague economy” hits a little too close to home these days.

I don’t… really have anything on my video game bucket list, just old favorites. I did turn out a new Distance map with all this spare time.

My pandemic lineup:

Path of Exile

For myself, more Bloody Rally Show, with a heaping helping of Warhammer 40K Inquisitor and Flight Simulator X.

Alongside all the stuff I’ll be streaming and recording, of course.

Nothing says hours/days/months of wasted time like an MMO. It may be time to get into EQ again lol.

So far I’ve leveled up a ton of buildings and classes in Heroes of Hammerwatch.

All of Lord of the Rings Online paid content is free until the end of April, FYI. ;)

A meaty RPG. Still halfway through Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and just started Divinity: Original Sin 2.

I just re upped with WOW again…for the millionth time. Never got anyone to max without a boost…so starting from scratch and going to do it this time!

I started a gnome mage on a new server two days ago, the first time I’ve played in 10+ years. I just hit 70.

Waaaaaay too much free time right now :)