Best Buy 360 Games Deal - Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

Not a bad deal, especially with free shipping thrown in. Works on preorders too which is killer.

Not a bad deal if there are two game you’d be willing to spend $45 a piece on.

Not a bad deal if I wasn’t boycotting Best Buy because they’re a horrible company that treats their customers like crap.

I bought Rock Band Beatles, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Dragon Age, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on this sale.

For reasons I don’t understand, Borderlands was pretty much the only game not eligible.

Thanks for the heads up, Reldan – that essentially got me one of those games free.

I pre-ordered Call of Duty: MW2 and Halo: ODST for just under 100 bucks with shipping and tax. That’s insane.

I really didn’t want to spend money either after just picking up a ps3 but this is one of those deals you feel forced into LOL.

Rumor has it (via slickdeals) that the same deal will be offered for the PS3 next week.

I thought I saw Borderlands on the list. The list is very solid as it includes most of the big games coming out this fall.

Borderlands is on there.

I just got Dragon Age, Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands and Beatles Rock Band for $196. Awesome deal!

Okay… I’ll bite… how is $49/game an “awesome deal” when Amazon tends to reliably release things at $54/game without the whole pre-buying thing?

You saved $20. Respectable I guess, but “awesome”? Really?

Actually, I saved $60, which is basically buy three get one free. And it’s awesome because the sale encompassed every single release I was interested in coming out this fall. And I can pick every one of them up in the store on release day, so no shipping costs.

The problem is that “the list” they send you to is NOT a list of games that the sale applies to. It’s a list of all 360 games they sell, most of which are applicable for the sale.

For reasons I don’t understand, Borderlands doesn’t have the “special offers” bullet point that it works on the sale, and when I added it to my cart, I didn’t get the discount.

I definitely got 50% off on Borderlands… don’t know why it’s giving you a hard time…

This link has “50% Off Xbox 360 Game: Find Out How” under special offers for it:

Looking at this deal and all the games I’m going to buy seriously diminishes any urge I had to finally pickup a PS3. I’m simply not going to have time for it.

You damn swine, I just ordered Batman: Arkham Asylum and Borderlands for $89.99 (before tax). That deal works for me alright.

I was considering going nuts and preordering Assassin’s Creed II (but really I have to play the first one first), Brutal Legend (but, sorry Tim, I’m going to wait for early buzz on this), Call of Duty 4 (but my backlog is too big already to buy another old game), and Halo 3: ODST (gonna wait for early buzz here too – not to mention I have to finish Halo 3 itself!!!)… so, I’m gonna leave it at two games here, and be choosier the rest of the year.

Here’s hoping Borderlands pans out – though even if it isn’t all that, I can still see myself doing some serious Qt3 Borderlands co-op over Live, so I decided to splurge on that one.

Hiro, you only get the 50% discount on one game per order. So if you have >2 games in your order, you’re fucking up. You want to do multiple two-game orders if there are more than two games you want. I had the same problem when I had four titles in my cart.

Gah, you’re right. It’s there now. But it definitely wasn’t there yesterday when I ordered this stuff. That was one of two games in my cart, and it didn’t trigger the sale and didn’t have the checkmarked Special Offer. When I replaced it with Call of Duty 6, it worked just fine.

Anyway, now I’m sad. I would have gladly pre-ordered this instead of Call of Duty.

All sequels all the time for me, picked up Assassin’s Creed 2 and Bioshock 2.

Dude, Company Store.

Ok, I went through this thread and the biggest saving I saw was 5 bucks per title… is that really such a big deal?

Waitaminute, is this special for you poor sods that have state tax? :D

Edit: oh right, 360 titles are $60, not $50. I blame lack of sleep!

Is getting 2 brand new 360 titles for $89.99 shipped (or release day in-store pick-up) not a good deal?

I never tried >2 games in the same cart. I did 2 orders of 2 games each, knowing the rules going in. And I swear, Borderlands really wasn’t flagged with the sale early on.