Best Buy 360 Games Deal - Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off

Oh yeah, good reminder, thanks!

This is no longer valid for preorders. I should have just jumped at it then…

Damn…wish I saw this when it was still valid on preorders.

It really makes sense why they killed this for Preorders. You could totally game the system and get tons of half priced games and pay for none of the full priced ones if you chose in-store pickup.

The way in-store pickup works is, you put your order in, and they grab the game off the shelf. They charge your credit card, but if you don’t pick the game up after two weeks, they refund your charge and put the game back.

Now let’s say you preordered 4 games using this deal, and they all came out on different dates. Two of those games are going to cost $30, and the other two are going to cost $60. You could simply only go into Best Buy to get the $30 games on the day they came out, and ignore the $60 ones when they come out later. After two weeks of you not picking up the $60 games after they release, they would refund your money.

Surprised they didn’t realize this when setting up the deal…