Best Buy customer-screwing recourse?

My ASUS (A8N32-SLI Deluxe) board is fine using the same model X2 with 4 sticks, I think it was just a conservative HP BIOS for the MSI board.

If he just wants to get his money back, that’s fine, but this is a perfect situation to get the district manager to give you a free upgrade on your computer ;). Really.

If he just wants to get his money back, that’s fine, but this is a perfect situation to get the district manager to give you a free upgrade on your computer ;). Really.[/quote]

I have no idea how to contact that person. The store would not divulge the information on request, nor would the corporate people (1-888-Best-Buy. 3-4-2).

Go into the store, give them one more opportunity, then chargeback.

Man, giving advice to other people on the internet is great. You can tell other people to be total hardasses and then wait to see how it goes, knowing that there’s none of your money on the line.

Good luck.

He already gave the managers of that Best Buy several opportunities to address the issue in a customer-friendly fashion. Not only that, but apparently the service manager insulted him in public and won’t even let him return an unrelated, unopened item.

In other words, they’ve blackballed him at the store for exercising his consumer rights.

Chargeback time.

The money is back in my account now. Of course, that’s standard chargeback procedure – they return the money then do their investigation. I’m curious what happens with the computer now. I’ll be doing a very thorough accounting with the bank when the forms arrive.

You know, I saw several people denied returns while in their return area. They don’t think they have to justify anything, they don’t provide any written refusal, they don’t document any of it. And people just shrug and walk away. Alot of people are probably getting screwed. It seems to me that if you’re going to run an operation like this where you have created a mechanism that you use to defend yourself as if it’s a sales contract, you should, at a minimum, be tracking each refusal, and providing clear documentation to the person being refused, because the contract applies to them just as much as it does to you.

As far as I can see, it seems like they would have a very hard time limiting their liability if they lost a class action lawsuit.

Well, Best Buy’s been in the position for a while now where they feel they can piss off as many people as they want and it won’t hurt their business a bit. The sad thing is they’re mostly right. A few hundred or thousand angry customers is a mere drop in the giant electronic bucket. They survive because they have tons of stores that sell everything for cheap and people will always always always be attracted to that, even if it means shitty customer service. So blame Best Buy, but also blame stupid idiot consumers.

I gotta admit, I buy stuff at Best Buy, too. So I guess I’m an idiot consumer. But I do try to avoid high ticket items that don’t have some sort of manufacturer warranty, because I’m well aware of their terrible returns “policies.” Mostly I buy DVDs there, because their DVD prices really are quite cheap.

I stay the hell away from Best Buy. I could drop my computer into lava and Fry’s would let me return it. I had a 9800 Pro that sizzled about 15 days after the 30 day return window and they still took it back, and even offered me cash although I just wanted to exchange it for a working one. Now that’s a return policy.

I avoid Best Buy because the lines are so often long, and they move slowly – perhaps because they are busy trying to get folks to buy idiotic warrantees.

Don’t forget the “free” six months of the magazine of your choice.

The only thing I buy at Best Buy is DVDs - they generally have the best prices. Oh, and the occasional lightsaber.

Best Buy is ok for big purchases at Christmastime because typically you can return it in the week after without any hassles. Other times of the year? Not so much.

Either way though, it really does depend on the store. The one here in Reading has numerous awards hanging on the wall for customer service. They are excellent with returns as far as I can tell.


Well this is sounding better. My BBB complaint triggered an executive resolutions inquiry. After going over the history of my dealings with the store they were very apologetic and arranged a full refund through another store nearby (I waited on hold while she contacted the store and got it all set up with their manager on duty).

They also asked that I fax them the written refusal given by the local customer service manager. I’ll be going in tomorrow and if it goes as they promise, I’ll cancel my chargeback once the money from BB is back in my account. I’ll be avoiding my local store from now on I think. I certainly feel better about it all – I like it when a manager says “We will not” and his boss says “Yes we will, and we apologize for his behavior.”

Good work cip. So the Best Buy in Marin City gets the thumbs down? Where did they send you? SF or Santa Rosa or somewhere else?

Thats’s definitely a good sign. It almost suggests a top-to-bottom desire to fix things, and that is is local store policies/management, not TEH EVIL CROPORATION, that is the problem.

As I understand it, that’s exactly what BB has been trying to do for about a year or so. Word (or, flagging sales) eventually filtered up that BB was the execrable laughingstock of home electronic stores, so lots of measures were taken to improve that (partnering with Geek Squad, the Rewards Club for Business, better customer service practices, etc.). But, you know, it’s a process.

Yep, XPav, that’s the one. They sent me to S.F. They also confirmed for me that the return policy was not being correctly handled to begin with – as long as there was no damage to the machine and it had been returned to like-new condition (meaning any added hardware removed, etc), the store is obligated to accept the return. If they choose not to, corporate will do it for them and inform their district of the problem. Provided you get their attention properly, which in this case seemed to require a BBB complaint. I made mine online, which went to the wrong BBB for that company, but it was forwarded to the right one and apparently that was enough.

Btw, it was the Geek Squad-related service manager who provided the initial “we think it’s this guy’s fault this computer is defective” guidance that the various managers went by throughout. These are the same techs that I have watched speculate at length about an OS upgrade being the cause when a machine would not POST.

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haha thats fucked up.