Best Buy does imports now?

I was out at Best Buy tonight, and I noticed that they had import copies of Jump Superstars for the DS ( ).

Is this a new trend for Best Buy? They’ve been getting a bit better about having deals on games, but this seems really out of character. For a mass market type of retailer, importing Japanese games that most people won’t understand seems unusual.

Granted, each box had an insert loudly proclaiming that the game was entirely in Japanese, but you just know there will be people who bring it back and complain.

I did a little more looking around, but that was the only import I saw. My head would have exploded if I’d seen a copy of Ouendan on the shelves.

trying to compete with frys maybe?

It makes a lot of sense to bring over Jump Superstars, which has a lot of characters that resonate with American fans of dubbed anime. That game would’ve been released here, I’m sure, if each series wasn’t owned by different companies, which makes the licensing fees go through the roof. If Best Buy starts stocking more imports, then sure, I’d be surprised.