Best cell phone for gaming?

[LEFT]Of the current generation of phones, which do you think is the best for gaming? I’d like suggestions for both the PDA style phones and non-PDA phones.

My contract with Cingular is expiring & I can’t get excited about any of the phones they have in their store… I currently have a 2-yr old Motorola that has been little but trouble since I originally purchased it.

Ok, show of hands . . . who plays cell phone games on the shitter at work?

I always thought this might be a litmus test for who’s a hardcore gamer and who’s not.

/me plays Tetris from Blue Lava on my Nokia 6600.

Man do I hate Motorolas right now. Mine refuses to charge unless the stars are aligned and I say the right pagan curses. And I thought Nokia was coasting. Wonder how much Treo’s will be later this year…

I understand the illegality of this, but you could install an NES emulator on either a Treo or PocketPC phone and game old school until your heart’s (or bowels, apparently) content

I know you can on a pocketPC and I am going to guess that you could on a treo as well.

I have a NES, SNES and Genesis emulator on my Nokia 6630. They all work great, though the SNES emulator doesn’t have sound yet. Some games obviously don’t play so well on a cell phone keypad, but being able to play through Final Fantasy 6 on your phone is kind of neat.

Are most of the games on the standard phones Java based?

Man do I hate Motorolas right now.

Word Nick(I saw lethal weapon XXXVI once). I bought the Star-tac [Minus network discount so it cost me nearly £500] when it came out and have never bought a Motorola since.

Don’t ever download Rainbow six for anything that claims to be compatible. Think gauntlet without the fun.

Gimme Tetris anyday.

The best cell phone for gaming is the Motorola RAZR that sits next to your Nintendo DS or your Sony PSP in your pocket.

I’m serious. Convergence cell phones pretty much universally suck at the moment. Get as slim a phone as possible (thus my recommendation of the RAZR) and a proper portable gaming system. Probably the DS Lite if you want to keep it small and easy to sneak into the crapper without embarassment.

LG 8100 is pretty groovy

Sony Ericsson W600i/W550 is great for games as well.

If you really want a “gaming cell phone,” Brew > J2ME.

Otherwise, get a small cell phone and a DS or something.

/me also plays cell phone and GBA games on the shitter

I have a DS, and while I love it dearly, I don’t tend to carry it around with me a lot. Maybe I should pick up a GBA Micro.

Tetris? I dub thee middlecore.

I played through Ancient Empires II on my cellphone over a week of bathroom breaks at work. BTW, I highly recommend Ancient Empires II - it’s a great fantasy-style Advance Wars type of TBS.

Which brew games are good? I’ve got a high-tech VCAST capable brew playing phone, but the games that I’ve tried have been pretty pitiful. So far chess is the best – the more complicated games are usually unplayable. I can’t believe how badly they screwed up a classic like bomberman.

I think the best bet, the only way to go, is with a smartphone. Palm or Windows CE or that other brand. These have active development communitites with lots of possibilities. With phones that can play brew you can’t install anything except through the catalog, and the selection on there is so weak. Are there non-smartphones that let third parties develop and distribute software programs through the internet?

Brief cell phone rant:
The carrier networks are locked down, and totally killing all the possiblities from the high tech phone in my pocket. Can’t install software. With services like Orb, I could play video content streamed from my home pc. If I copy the files over to an SD card and stick them in they play perfectly. But the built-in browser explicitly locks out non-verizon content from streaming. I’m not paying for the weakass VCASt content they offer, but if they let me stream it from my home pc I’d have to seriously upgrade the dataplan on the thing to cover the bandwidth. They’re going out of their way to remove any of the good reasons that might compel me to pay for an expensive data plan.