Best Client for Multiple Gmail Accounts

Hey y’all, how are ya? I’m writing because I’ve been using Opera as a browser and client for many years, but am now slowly finding myself more and more drawn to Chrome as my primary browser. There’s one problem with that, though…reading/managing my many different gmail accounts.

So I’m on the lookout for a lightweight email client with a unified inbox and support for Gmail and IMAP. I’ve tried Thunderbird (don’t like it, horrible unified inbox) and Outlook (sooo bloated) and am wondering if y’all could recommend something for me. :)

Thanks in advance. :)

There are no really good windows email clients, particularly if you have a large volume of mail. I personally use (and strongly dislike) Thunderbird. I’ve found it to be the least shitty. But still pretty shitty.

What I really want is something blazing fast and clean like uTorrent, but for email. It just doesn’t seem to exist. If you find something, let me know.

Yeah, that’s kind of what I was hoping for too. Sigh.

How many Gmails do you have? If it’s just two, Chrome’s stealth mode is sweet for that – open one in regular Chrome, one in a stealthed window, no cookie conflict.

Otherwise, yeah, Thunderbird is better than Outlook, and there’s nothing else really feasible.

I have 13 gmail accounts at the moment.

I assume there is a reason why you can’t unify your multiple gmail accounts under a single login that checks and has the ability to send from the other gmail accounts?

You can do that? Might I ask how?

If you use Google Apps with your own domain, you can set aliases for an account. That won’t work for you if the thing is important, though.

I have 3 separate gmail accounts, and do use google apps for all of my other accounts on my domain.

Pick 1 gmail account as your “main” account, the one you will typically login as.
On your other 12 accounts forward email to your main account.
On your main account click on the gear, mail settings, accounts and import tab, send email as add your 12 other gmail accounts and authorize each one.

When you compose an email you have a drop down in the from box for you to choose any of your gmail accounts you have setup this way. Even better is if you reply it automatically replies using the appropriate from address.

I spoke too soon… you can sort of do it, as ARogan says by setting up a forward on the sub accounts to the central, and then setting up the “Send as…” stuff, but gmail forces any email using gmail’s smtp for an account that isn’t the login to display as "[email protected] on behalf of [email protected]" which is irritating. And I couldn’t find a way to disable that.

Personally, I don’t use my gmail address for anything by itself, but I have email from a dozen or so accounts forwarded to it and then I use those various smtp servers to send mail to avoid gmail’s “on behalf of” thing.

Yeah, gmail handles multiple accounts through one sign in just fine. It’s calendar invites to the alternate addresses or to non-gmail accounts that you POP that will drive you mad. I ended up writing my own mail processor in python just to “fix” calendar invites because I didn’t want to give up the convenience of having everything in gmail and thus nicely available to me no matter what device I happen to be using.

Nifty! I’ma try this! Thanks!

Is The Bat still around? That used to be a quite lean and fast email client back when I was still using desktop email clients.

I hadn’t heard of this, but apparently they just so happen to have released a new version yesterday:

The bat isn’t any faster than thunderbird on large email volumes, although it is much more feature-rich.

The lack of decent Windows email clients is one reason I switched to OSX. (the default OSX email application) isn’t perfect but it is far, far superior to any client on Windows. It handles my 2 gmail accounts, 1 google apps account, and 1 exchange account handily.

Aside from The Bat there’s also Pegasus Mail still under active maintenance.

And Forte Agent under somewhat less active maintenance. Just in case you want a great Usenet reader with your primitive e-mail client!

edit: Ha, I just tried the latest version of Pegasus Mail and found that “active maintenance” is relative. The program still installs under C:\PMAIL because it can’t handle the access restrictions under “Program Files”. And it still doesn’t support multiple e-mail addresses without multiple “identities” which also duplicate all user settings. Oh dear.

Anyone have gopher clients to recommend?

Back when Chrome took the “http://” out of its URL bar, I was curious to see what it would do with Gopher URLs. Shockingly, it turns out that it doesn’t support gopher any more.