Best controller for PC


Is it weird that I can’t figure out what the functional difference between the Razer Onza and the “Tournament Edition” is? If there is one? I mean, there are some Onzas that feature licensed artwork that cost $60, but I can’t figure out the difference between the $40 and $50 models.


I have some old logitech wired dual shock clone (treated me pretty well), a ps3 controller (i have a ps3) and a wireless 360 controller. If i was inclined to play emulated games that i owned, I would use the 360 controller. I do plan to eventually get a bluetooth adapter to try out the ps3 controller though.

It has been a while since i looked in to it, but if you use the official drivers for the gamepad, there is no difference between wired/wireless 360 controller. Well, other than how the wireless 360 controller COMPLETELY EATS BATTERIES. The difference comes in that the wired supports using significantly better 3rd party drivers which offer much greater customization, support and features. At the time i looked in to this, the wireless 360 controller did not support them. Wireless also cost more when i bought mine.

360 controller has in my experience the best plug and play support on pc. Games just support it easily generally and in game icons for controls generally are for the 360 controller.

the ps3 controller supposedly works very well with a 3rd party driver, but i haven’t tried to get mine to work on my pc (no bluetooth adapter). However, i don’t see a reason to pick ps3 controller over 360 given how no game is going to directly support ps3 controller as anything but a generic gamepad (not a terrible thing of course).

If you just like the ps3 controller better or are playing playstation 1 emulated games on your pc, go with ps3 gamepad. All other situations go with 360 WIRED gamepad. if you insist on going 360 wireless, make damn sure you buy the thing that lets you recharge it via the usb.


Yes, and not just in fighting games. Any game that puts item selection on the d-pad will accidentally select the wrong item half the time. Allegedly the latest revision of the 360 controller has somewhat improved the d-pad, though.


I haven’t had any problems like that with the Cyborg V.5.


I use a PS3 controller on my PC. I was trivial to get working on XP, and Windows 7 was like 10 minutes.

(I’ve always preferred the Dual Shock design to the 360’s offset sticks. Personal preference :) )


Update: I just went to try some of the current controllers at the store, and it looks like that new Microsoft revision with the improved d-pad (called “Special Edition”!?) is still only available as a wireless controller for the console, not as a wired Windows version. Crap.

The competitors were clueless as usual. I found a Logitech F310 and a Hama (local no-brand brand) controller which had better d-pads but were worse in every other respect. Guess I’ll have to order that Cyborg pad, there don’t seem to be any other candidates for a superior Windows gamepad.


It doesn’t work with a PC wireless receiver?


Don’t know, I don’t have a wireless receiver and I don’t want a wireless controller for the PC anyway, nor pay extra for that feature.


Seems like it might be that the Tournament Edition lets you adjust the resistance of the analog sticks and the regular edition doesn’t?


I ask because the basic 360 wireless controller didn’t work in Windows without the receiver either.


You missed this page?
Tournament edition gives you backlighted buttons/stick, and adjustable analog stick tension. The FAQ tells you how the adjustment works. One thing I read somewhere else is that the analog stick is slightly taller because of the adjustment ring.


Hahaha, yes I did miss it. Reading comprehension snafu there, apologies.

That is really fucking tempting. Assuming this temp agency pulls through and gets me back to work, I’m totally buy one of these suckers. Once I’ve replenished my savings and gotten my car fixed and updated my plates for my new state and replaced my fiancee’s failing laptop. . .

Fuck, man.

Still a nice controller though :D


Wow that onza is pretty sweet.


Can I throw Razer’s hat into the ring? Adjustable joystick tension, improved D pad, and I’ve always been more than happy with Razer’s products.

Edit: Just read above posts, been beaten.


Out of curiosity, in what games does that happen? I ask because I have wireless x360pad (both receiver and charge pack) and in dozens of games I played with it I never had that problem. Or any other problem, actually.
For me that is what I would recommend, wireless x360pad, if you can get it with the receiver. Sooo comfortable.


Using a PS3 controller with Motionjoy works pretty well. You can have it emulate a 360 controller for games that are designed to recognise and/or work with 360 controllers only. I use my PS3 controller to play racing games on my PC. I’m not generally willing to pay full price for racing games, which mostly rules out getting them for my actual PS3, but I’ll sometimes pick up a Codemasters game on Steam when they drop below $15.

Anyway, the point is, if you happen to have a PS3 - it’s not much hassle to get your PC to think it’s a 360 controller.


360 controller if you don’t need a reliable, functioning d-pad for fighting games/emulation.
PS3 controller is more broadly useful but the form factor is crap and the sticks are pretty bad.


I shouldn’t have assumed it was common, my mistake. Assassins Creed 2 is where that problem occurs.


Just got the Cyborg Rumble Pad. The beast is surprisingly heavy for a wired controller. First impressions are good. I like that you can swap d-pad and left stick around for the symmetric DualShock layout – why did Microsoft ever deviate from that in the first place? The analog sticks are not as loose as in the Microsoft pad, which I also like. The d-pad seems to work better than Microsoft’s in the Control Panel test dialog but I’ll have to wait for the next game with controller support (likely Skyrim) before I’ll know for sure.


Ah yeah I remember some problem with AC2 and controller…it needed some reconfiguration in menu. They fixed in in ACB though, that one works perfectly right away.