Best couch keyboard?

I’m a fan of the Unicomp/IBM thunderclick™-style of keyboard, but while they have keyboards that have integrated trackballs, they don’t make any Bluetooth or wireless models yet.

So what’s a good couch keyboard – wireless with integrated pointer?

I’ve been meaning to ask this myself, and I’ll expand the criteria to a wireless keyboard and mouse combination that can be used for some gaming and won’t crap out due to unexplained interference if my Xbox360 happens to be on (which is my current problem with the Logitech wireless setup I have). Anybody know something that fits the bill?

I have 4 of these (I think prices got close to the $30-40 range so I loaded up on them). They work great with the htpc from the couch. Range is good. Battery life is good. Keyboard feels pretty good though I don’t do a ton of typing on them. The only thing I miss about them is the lack of a windows key (since it was designed for ps3) but other than that they were a great value.

Those are pretty much gone and hard to find but there is the pro model which is bluetooth:

According to the reviews it also works fine with pc’s.

This’ll be used with a Mac, so ironically the Windows key is a must – it remaps to the (necessary) option-key.

A mouse that works well from the couch is good too. Doesn’t HAVE to be included with the keyboard. :)

dinovo edge.

mac edition:,EN

Dinovo Edge. Perhaps the greatest media center/couch keyboard ever made. Perhaps the best keyboard ever made.

I’m sure Dinovo Edge is fantastic but $160 (I’m sure street is probably less) seems a bit much.

then the dinovo mini?
or the eee keyboard?

My brother uses the Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 7000 combo. It uses Bluetooth, recharges, and makes french fries. My major turnoff was its lack of a numerical keypad and the F-keys lack mechanical feedback. Other than that, it’s pretty nice. If your mouse dies, you can pop it in the charger and use the tiny trackpad in the corner of the keyboard. I can confirm that it does work in the BIOS and whilst setting up Windows, though I’m sure you must use Microsoft’s USB-to-Bluetooth dongle to do so and not a built-in adapter that comes in most laptops and some desktops.

That Dinovo Edge is beautiful. Now I have a severe case of the wants. I type stuff in on my ps3 about twice a month when drunkenly trawling for comedy youtube vids with friends after a night out. But now I want to spend 120 quid on a spangly super keyboard.

Thanks, you dicks!

Another vote for the Dinovo Edge, it’s beautiful and does exactly what you want.

if you get the non mac one it’ll work in mac osx but you can’t remap certain keys without buying 3rd party shareware where they pickup slack from logitech trying to screw over buyers.

logitech makes you buy a whole separate mac-specific version (see the logitech s510 vs s530) whose special keys don’t work in windows since it has a different device id or something. fuckers. granted, the shareware authors deserve support and are clever for filling this need but they shouldn’t have to: controllermate/steermouse/usb-overdrive.

microsoft hardware tends to support both oses with their drivers.

also, logitech official drivers cause mac kernel panics–this i’ve seen first hand since they used to implement ‘haxies’ to get their drivers working.

You know that OS 10.5 allows you to remap keys without needing 3rd-party utilities, right?

The Dinovo Edge looks like overkill. And I wonder if they have a version with a trackball rather than a pad.

Don’t need a charger, either; if it takes AA batteries, I have a large collection of LSD NiMH’s already.

no, not just remapping but doing advanced things like running applications and stuff.

Meh, that’s what Quicksilver’s for.

…oh. I see your point. :)

acceleration curve etc.

I love the MS wireless desktop 7k. The responsiveness and range are tremendous.

Well, one spilled cup of water and this has gone from “like to have” to “gotta have.”

Yep, I use the MS Wireless Desktop 7000 as well. Works great.

I want a Phantom keyboard, though. They actually shipped some to reviewers, but I assume it never hit the general public. (Yeah, we all know the story behind the company, but the keyboard design was awesome. If they didn’t have a patent on it, Razer or someone should do something similar.)