Best couch keyboard?

Well, Denny, the fact that they’re still updating their blog (at least, a/o 3/27/09) may give cause for faint hope that there’s still a ghost of a chance that someday they may actually release it. Maybe.

don’t. just don’t.

How’s the interference on the MS 7000? My wireless keyboard is doing its best to die on me (well, the battery connector is starting to get wonky, which I could fix with some special very tiny instruments, or maybe just a bent paperclip, but I have problems with this thing anyway) and I may need to replace it posthaste, but the one worry I have is that my current Logitech gets REALLY crappy if anything electronic is running within about a foot of the receiver. When I have my 360 on or a portable hard drive running next to it I have to move the keyboard to within four feet or so, which basically leaves me holding it in one hand over my coffee table and typing whatever stupid thing I want it to do (usually skip thirty seconds ahead in whatever recording I’m watching). Bluetooth seems to operate in the same frequency range - is interference still a problem with that set, or is it, you know, more gooder about that sort of thing?

BT is at the same 2.4GHz unlicensed range as 802.11b/g, so you are gonna get some interference between the two. The nice thing is that some systems (e.g. Apple) will be able to switch off Wi-Fi when BT is running and vice versa, at least within themselves, but neighboring devices might interfere.

FWIW, I have the Wireless Keyboard 7000, a PC with USB Bluetooth, Xbox 360, and PS3 with Bluetooth all in the same room, and my Wi-Fi Router one wall over, and I’ve never had any interference problems. Our wireless phones are 5.8GHz, though – the 2.4 GHz phones were signal killers.

Well, I went ahead and ordered the 7000 (the 8000 seems to go for $250 most places, and that can kiss my fat ass, because if I’m going to spend that much money on a freaking keyboard I might as well go the full thousand and get in line for that horrible OLED monstrosity), so I guess I’ll find out how well it works. The problem in the past has been that if I left another electronic device within about eight inches that wasn’t the television (basically my 360 or a portable hard drive that needed a place to sit), the reception distance dropped to maybe four feet. That said, the fact that the dongle for these things sticks out of the back of the PC instead of being some kind of idiotic N-shaped radio receiver pod thing that I have to stretch over to the entertainment center to be able to see the lights that indicate whether my appropriate lock keys are activated should help keep it away from other interference sources. I am cautiously optimistic.

Thanks for all the help.

I have a switch, a ps3, a AV receiver and a hdmi/optical switcher about 1 foot from my bluetooth receiver and a ps2, wii and 360 all within 3 feet. I get no noticeable interference. The usb dongle is on the front top of my pc case, but worked just as well on my last pc case at the front bottom. However if i connected it to one of the rear USB slots I got a LOT of interference as the signal tried to pass through the guts of the PC. If interference is an issue I’d suggest getting a usb extension cable from monoprice for like a dollar and just mounting it a little bit further away.


Anyone else curious about the Razer Turret? Keyboard that’s part lapboard and has an integrated magnetic mouse mat. Mouse stays put until you actually lift it up. I recently began experimenting with couch gaming, and I really like this concept.

That mousepad looks super tiny.

There’s a new-for-2015 edition of the Logitech K1810 that is hard to identify on packaging alone. It now supports BT as well as the Unifying receiver.

We bought a Microsoft all-in-one media keyboard a few months back for around AUD$40-50.

It’s ok; my grips are that the keys are not back-lit, and that using the track pad feels like moving a mouse through slight gravel/sand. We use it for our non-gaming media centre. For anything more than browser, file explorer, and movie player interaction, I would look elsewhere. I do like that it is non-glossy and quite durable (might be spill proof - a light spill).

I am wondering if I should have bought the Logitech equivalent; the glossy edges turned me off.

I skipped the trackpad and went with the Logitech K810. Loving the backlit keys, BT, and the ability to switch between my iPhone and the PS3/4s at the press of a button. Great size. Wish it came with some sort of case (or one was readily available) but that’s the only downside. Without the trackpad, probably not best for gaming, but otherwise no complaints if you’re just looking for a good couch keyboard.

I am using the Logitech K830 and it works well. My chair has a soft pouch on the side where i store the keyboard. I use it on the Steam Link here and there but normally control navigation using the Steam Controller. If I have to type then I grab the keyboard. The K830 is the perfect shape.

I would be interested in lap desks if anyone has one.

Couch keyboards are a dime a dozen. HTPCs drove that market. Playing mouse-driven twitch games on the couch, that’s a whole other story.

Razer never actually released the Turret. It’s vaporware.

I’m more interested in Corsair’s Lapdog which while also not released seems like it would actually work. It isn’t vaporware yet.

There’s also the Couchmaster, if you seriously aren’t fucking around.

Where’s the cupholder, guys? C’mon, now.

The Lapdog looks interesting. However, I don’t think I’d be happy with most of these solutions because I tend to have the keyboard squarely in front of me with the mouse to the side. The laptop has they keyboard and mouse offset almost equally, which would just mess me up. I also don’t have a 4k TV or the need for any of this so I suppose it is all moot. I’m old and just sit at a desk like a stooge. Ah well.

Well, the couchmaster is big enough to get an 84-key keyboard (no numpad) and situate them like you want. They do sell less ridiculous looking models.

Wow, the couchmaster actually has an ashtray. I am astonished! Try buying an ashtray anywhere; hardly anyone carries them anymore (in the U.S.). I guess smoking is still big in Europe?

I wonder if it is too wide for a chair?

Clearly, yes. It would probably fit on a loveseat (2 seat couch).

It would fit if you removed the armrest things, but at that point why not get a piece of plywood and make your own?

I picked up a couple of logitech k400 pluses when they were $20.

This improved k400 fixed my major beef with the previous iteration. The right shift and directional key cluster finally follows a standard layout.