Best cover of "The Final Countdown"


Finer vocals have never been sung.

“How’s that for a resumé?”

You owe us new sets of speakers for that.

I just wonder how the other guys sing, if they all said, “Dude, you’re DEFINITELY the lead singer.”

Wow, that was fun.

Not long after the original Europe tune became a hit, another band named Stone did a cover version of the intro that was intentionally bad, and brillliantly so. It was a total mess of whammy bars and out-of-time drums, and just makes me crack up every time I hear it.

The problem is I only have it on tape, and my Googling skillz don’t seem to be up to the task of finding a clip of it ATM. I know it’s out there somewhere, tho.

Someone not only recorded that but decided it would be good to post it. I refuse to go to the website, but is this punishment or is that site the band putting their own stuff up as some sort of promotion?

Todd: Is he killing that guitar, Daddy?
Ned: Yes, son.

Actually, I think the best cover of “Final Countdown” is the ringtone Gob uses on his phone.

I just watched this again (why? I honestly don’t know; I think I need therapy or something) – I noticed a couple children at the very, very start of the clip fleeing right as the song begins.

Kids are smart.

The best part is where the dude in the red shorts goes back to turn on the lights. Then on his way out he’s checking the speakers to make sure they’re working right then shrugs and walks off.

“yeah they’re working this band just really sucks”

The best part is an absolutely beautiful spinal tap moment starting at about 1:11 - the guitar goes out of tune (you can hear the E drop flat) and the guy in the red shorts looks at and fiddles with the amp and then reaches over and (sort of) tunes the guys guitar. Like that’s going to help…

Actually, I think the best part is that the lead “singer” is doing the backup parts himself, instead of the other members helping out. “We’re leaving ground leaving ground.”

This may mean that they are worse singers than him. Ponder that.