Best. Cthulu. EVAR

Heh. You need to have read Jack Chick’s tracks to get the joke. Very funny, though.

Best Cthulhu I can remember is many years ago, a rather sweet girl at a LARP with a nice Cthulhu mask, a push-up bra and a vocoder voice filter thing back before they became toys anyone could buy at the local store… The sheer unreality of having someone with an attractive figure and a horrible mask walk up to you and burble in a completely inhuman way was rather impressive at the time…

I disagree. Somehow taking Lovecraft’s monsters and making them into adorable little girls just never stops amusing me. Also, albino prinnies and Mecha Elder Thing.

I’m kind of fond of this story, because there are so few Cthulu stories with Oliver North as a character.

Also, the Color Out of Space looks… poutier than I would have expected.

You guys did see Cthulhu’s guest appearance on Justice League a few weeks ago, right? He and Hawkgirl were pretty tight, apparently.

Here’s my personal favorite:

Good for many laughs.

I prefer Carl.

Denny, that was Cthulu’s lesser known half-brother, Ithultu.