Best Dpi for scanning images to later be reprinted?

I have a cartoon for our local paper to do and since I rarely reprint my stuff on physical media I’m not sure what Dpi to scan at for that. I’m thinking around 1600, but any advice would be great. I’d hate to have my first work for these guys end up a grainy mess due to a bad scan.

In general, 600dpi is sufficient for scanned black-and-white images, and 300 for color images. You may want to check and see what resolution they print at; scanning any higher than that resolution would be overkill.

Scan line art at 1200dpi. If you have very fine pen work, scan it at 2400dpi.


Well it does kinda depend on how large your original is and how large your physical print is going to be. No point scanning at 1200dpi if you’re original is A3 (12x17) and your printing at B5 (7x10) - the printer will just not be able to realise the resolution anyway.

That said, if you scan it at 1200dpi, you are most likely well covered in any scenario. Disk space is cheap and you can let print scaling take care of the rest.

Also, if you experience and significant moire patterns in your scan or print, try a different dpi setting.

Dude, which paper are you drawing for?

It had better not be the North Avenue News; I don’t get that one.