Best Dressed Character?

I was watching my daughter play Assassin’s Creed Revelation and we got to talking about who is the best dressed character in a game. I do think that this serie’s main characters looked the most stylish.

Any other character come to mind?

Most outrageous costume has to go to Voldo from Soul Calibur.

Gotta agree, in the Academy Award of games, the AC series woud take home Best Costume Design every year.

Agent 47 usually dresses very nicely when he’s not in delivery guy clothes. His suits have always been modeled well.

Most videogame characters are usually wearing combat armor or such, so that eliminates lots of characters. Dante from Devil May Cry? I remember him being pretty stylish.

Actually, the protagonists from the Castlevania series are always fairly well dressed.

Interesting topic. Now you’ve got me thinking!

Deus Ex:HR had some interesting ideas about fashion in the near future. Kind of similar to Desmond’s clothing style in AC1 now that I think of it. Maybe it is a Canadian designer thing?

Who is that? :)

Deus Ex: HR had a really nice art-style throughout, from the clothing, tech to the entire colour scheme of the game.

I believe that’s the Gambler from Jak and Daxter.


Not main character, but…


Speaking of Soul Calibur, the ornateness of the clothing and the clothing texture in Soul Calibur 4+ was really …weird and distracting.

Anyone play Resonance Of Fate? You could shop for very stylish clothes. They didn’t even have anything to do with your stats, it was all fashion. Sunglasses and hats too, I think.

Kudos to all the pictures - fun to see!


It’s in somewhat poor taste to reply to a thread with your own game, but if there was ever a thread to do that for SpyParty, it’s this one:


I was about to post your game, Hecker, so don’t worry. I’m going to anyways, in fact, since the text in that image obscures some sweet boots:

Awesome, thanks! I loved those gifs somebody made from the animations, I just wish they’d have set the per-frame timing correctly. :)


My character from the Final Fantasy 14 open beta this weekend: