Best driver (XP & Win7) for Logitech MX518?

Hi folks, I’m wondering if anyone else here has this mouse and if so, what driver they’re using for it. I suspect an older version (4.something) of Logitech SetPoint (or rather the driver that came with it) of causing occasional, BSOD-provoking interrupt storms under Windows XP. I haven’t even installed SetPoint on my Windows 7 dual boot, and have uninstalled it from XP Pro, for fear of more hardware interrupt problems (as reported by Process Explorer).

I was using the older version of SetPoint’s driver because it was the only one that made the fast-scroll buttons work right in a browser (with the newer ones, the screen moves a bit, then hitches, then moves again, at least last time I tried them).

So what is everyone else here using–just the default Windows drivers?

Install Setpoint.
Then install UberOptions.

Thanks for the reply. I wonder if the newer driver is less buggy, apart from the software suite.

Don’t install the latest SetPoint since UberOptions may not support it. Install whatever the newest version that Uber supports, as indicated on their website.

I would, but I’m pretty sure that that version (4.8 or whatever) has the driver that was causing my hardware interrupt storm problems in XP Pro 32-bit.

did you try an older version?

Default Win7 driver works fine for me.

I don’t need fancy button macros or anything, so I just use the default Windows driver with my Logitech mice.

Default win7 drivers.

SetPoint 4.8 has been perfectly fine with my VX Nano + diNovo Edge combo.

MX518 here and using default Windows 7 drivers.

I’d rather use the default Windows 7 and XP drivers, but I’d really like to have the two little buttons on either end of the scroll wheel work for fast scrolling. Is there software other than Logitech’s to accomplish this? (I know the default Windows driver recognizes the buttons as increase/decrease mouse tracking sensitivity, so it “sees” them).

You’re all a bunch of luddites!

I was just going to post setpoint 4.8x + uberoptions also. Works fine on my logitech performance mx under W7.

Papa has some sort of IRQ problem.

Holy 1990s, Batman!

Update. Dammit. It wasn’t the Logitech driver, because the interrupt storm happened again! I updated the Intel ICH10 Family 2 port and 4 port Serial ATA storage controllers just now, because Gigabyte’s site said there were more recent Intel chipset drivers. We’ll see if that takes care of it.

I’m using the default win7 drivers with my 518.

Yeah, right now I’m just using the default for both XP and Win7, but I suspected the Logitech mouse driver of being the culprit for my problem in Windows XP. Apparently it wasn’t. Might have been the older Intel chipset driver.