Best FPS on the market?

I’m gonna go to lunch in about a hour and I want to pick something up. I need to kill everything I see, and I’m considering vietcong.

I’ve played MOH:AA and I’m playing Planetside, but I need something faster paced than planetside for right now. It’s been a while since I’ve played a good FPS that’s engrossing as well as fun.

Other than Vietcong, does anyone have any suggestions for me to consider? Also: is Vietcong worth it?

You played NOLF 2? That’s a good one. Elite Force II seems pretty decent, though I haven’t played much of it. Some folks really like Vietcong, but again I haven’t played much of it.

I played NOLF2 and didn’t care for it. I suppose it’s all the damn crossbow and sword fighting.

Elite Force 2? I may look at that.


Maybe Soldier of Fortune II if you think you have “emm four dee” skills with a z-- the game is challenging but the combat is outstanding.

And obviously Battlefield 1942. Of course it’s primarily a multiplayer game, but IMO the singleplayer is underrated in that game with the latest patches. Bots are fun; with some friends, you can even do co-op vs. the bots and such.

I was considering BF1942. Is the single player good? I’m tired of online multiplayer games in a way. I like Planetside, but that’s the excpetion as of now.

I’d say the BF1942 SP is good, as long as you at some point plan to play co-op with buddies. Good alone, extremely fun in co-op.

Anyway, all the official so-called “reviewers” have written off SP in BF1942 which I don’t think is fair. Killing bots is like placing blocks in Tetris-- somehow, it never gets old.

I will agree with you there. I enjoyed UT2K3 much more as a single player game than online.

Is the SP a campaign or just like MP with bots? Can you set the difficulty? Does Road to Rome add much to SP?

You definitely want BF1942 and road to rome. I’m pretty sure. Yes, you can configure # of bots, difficulty, etc. Get the latest patches.

it’s settled then. I must admit that when I played the demo of it, I loved the hell out of sniping in the game. This is gonna rock. Someone should host a co-op game later.

There are two SP campaigns and you have a good amount of control over the AI. Seriously, this thread needs to end. If you don’t have BF1942, go out and buy it.

Road to Rome doesn’t add that much. Maybe if you get really bored with the base game, but that will take a while. Wait until you can get it for ten dollars or less.

America’s Army 1.7 is very intense and exhilirating. Not as fast-paced as those other games, but I’ve been playing it pretty much nonstop for the past week. And 1.9 is due out soon (they’re skipping version #1.8) which will add even more cool stuff, and it’s free! You can’t beat that with a dollar! But it’s multiplayer only.

I reviewed America’s Army a while back, it didn’t do much for me?

What do you mean “a while back?”

It’s been a little over a year since it was originally released in a really buggy state. But version 1.7 is not only solid, but it adds tons of great new stuff, like the Ranger Regiment Missions (Bridge SE and Weapons Cache SE are simply awesome.)

They’ve been adding new content rather progressively, and 1.9 is going to add the Medic class, as well as some new maps. And vehicles, I believe.

I played it when it was first released and I didn’t like it. The graphics are ok, and the maps look ok as well, it’s just that the missions were very laggy and the whole damn thing was so dark that I couldnt see anyone and the such.

  1. Lag thing was addressed many moons ago. Very smooth now, even with 26 people.

  2. If it’s dark, turn on your night vision. It’s why we taxpayers paid a gazillion bucks for the technology.

  3. Graphics could be better, but the Army wanted something that could run on a wider range of systems. But the weapons modeling is dead-on, and there’s nothing like picking up a SAW from a dead comrade, unloading into the enemy, and watching the tracers fly.

  4. Weapons Cache SE. Best damn map out there.

Airborne FARP mission is also awesome. Jump out of a C-17, parachute to the ground in a night assault. Land, assemble, and take the objectives from the dogfaces on the other team opposing you.

Is it still like paintball? No real deaths?

Yes. If you die in America’s Army, you don’t die in the real world.

Some missions use the MILES gear, but all the Ranger missions and a lot of the newer ones use real ammo. So no more laser beams and beeping. In those situations, each team is US Army, and the opposing team are terrorists with Soviet-era weapons. The bullets flying are (virtually) real, and it gets pretty damn hairy fast. Watch out for the bastards with the grenade launchers. The Soviet grenade launcher sounds like a RPG, and when you hear that sound, DUCK.

If you want to kill stuff, alot of stuff, just get serious sam 1 and 2. Pretty cool shooter in the guise of old school Doomplay!


Don’t really see your objection to NOLF 2 the crossbow/sword stuff is like the first level or two, and I found it to be fun, but hey, your opinion is what counts.

I will interject that any game that has you riding on the back of a tricycle driven by a burly Scot while chasing down a Mime on a unicycle through the streets of India with your Tommy Gun blazing is just fine by me.