Best FPS on the market?

If you’re looking at America’s Army, just get OFP. And then go to this site for millions of cool addons!


The only 2 I have been playing lately are AA and ET.

The beauty of that situation is that you didn’t pay a dime for either of them, and that was totally legal and how the publishers wanted you to get them!

BF1942 is a great game, but I have to disagree with the glowing praise of the single player AI. The main problem is that the friendly AI has no concept of “winning” per se (as of the 1.4 patch). Your friendlies are happy to stand 20 meters from an enemy flag and mill around instead of trying to capture it, so the end result is that you have to capture the flag locations yourself and then babysit them to prevent a lone opponent from stealing it back. The linear maps are a bit more fun, since you can just advance without too much worry about solo infiltrators undoing your work in the backfield.

Also, where’s the AA CD I was promised? I mean, they developed the game with my tax dollars and all…

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If you get Battlefield:1942 then head immediately to and download this mod. It is really a blast.

glowing praise of the single player AI.

I wouldn’t say “glowing praise”, merely that it’s been unfairly dismissed. The bots aren’t rocket scientists, but they’re competent. Besides, as in any FPS, it’s your job to single-handedly win the game with your heroic and courageous actions. If the bots were too good at taking objectives, what would the point be? See: Dungeon Siege.

I will interject that any game that has you riding on the back of a tricycle driven by a burly Scot while chasing down a Mime on a unicycle through the streets of India with your Tommy Gun blazing is just fine by me.


I have my AA CD. Got it about 6 months ago in the mail.

The AI in the Rome expansion plays pretty good. Also I noticed overall that in BF42 that if you have more than say 30+ AI some of the AI just gets really complacent (they sit in one place ad nasueam -i finally got to use the word!).


On the (probably very far) off chance that you don’t already have them, both Serious Sam games now come packaged together for $15.

I haven’t played any other new ones this year but Vietcong.

Vietcong was definitly worth it. Slows down here and there, gets dificult in some places where the missions are too long before your health goes all the way back up. I did finish the game on Hard and a couple of the later missions were the most intense gunfights I have ever witnessed in a game.

If you have seen the movie Tears of the Sun, where at the end the soldiers are retreating and firing as they go at bad guys all over the place that is how I felt in one or two of the later missions. One mission I really wanted to find a hole and just cover myself up and hope to god it all ended sort of like the last firefight in Platoon. Vietcong was the best FPS I’ve ever played. I’ve never played more than a few min. of Half-Life as a disclaimer.

I ended up getting BF1942 and the expansion but I do still want to get Vietcong and it will be my next fps purchase.

On another note, I also purchased my fiance some Animal Crossing E-Cards. She’ll be scanning and giggling and I’ll be sitting in my boxers listening to Nick Cave and killing Jerry. Much like every other Friday.

Nick Cave. He’s the man. One bad-ass psycho fuck.

He’s just a wannabe Tom Waits.

Since you like Nick Cave, here’s a list of songs I plan to kill to:


Red Right Hand

Stranger Than Kindness

Mercy Seat

Henry Lee

Weeping Song

Nick The Stripper

Dumb Question Alert

What is ET?

Dumb Question Alert

What is ET?[/quote]

Enemy Territory that free Wolf3d game that was released recently.

– Xaroc

Out of the recent FPS games I’ve played Raven Shield gets my vote.

Slower paced than most and not without its problems, but some very nice touches and a must for any SAS, embassy storming wannabe (still surprised that in all the Rainbow six games I’ve never seen a map modelled on the London Iranian Siege, then again I’ve never managed to find accurate floor plans for it either.). Main downside for me was the pretty weedy plot and conclusion to it wrapped around some pretty tense missions (obligatory stealth mission aside, hurrah for invisible trooper cheat).

Whatever happened to Hidden and Dangerous 2? Now that was a blast, especially Multiplayer.

I tried to like BF1942, but found very little in it to float my boat either single or multiplayer.

Whoa Nellie… he already bought the games.


Well my vote goes to Elite Force 2. The first couple of levels were pretty tedious but it gets quite a bit better. As a non Star Trek fan all the shit you had to do on the Enterprise was annoying as hell to me, but aside form that and the early levels, overall I’d give the game a solid B.