Best FPS weapons evar

Here’s a quick little opinion piece on the best FPS weapons of all time. I can’t find myself agreeing with #1, but hey.

<fanboy>Note that the Blood series gets two spots!</fanboy>

Where’s that CS Desert Eagle?

I love the shrinker from Duke but those are some rather lame choices. Drunk Missiles in Rise of the Triad ruled. The freeze ray in Duke 3D should also be on the list. My favorite though is the BFG in Quake II. I just loved how those beams would come knifing out of the blast.

I guess by kickass they mean something other than “really cool” though. I dunno?


The only thing I can gather is that they just mean “kickass” as in “games we can remember playing that had weapons we really liked”. It’s obviously not listing important weapons to the FPS genre and a few are there just for how they looked. Innovation is certainly not a requirement either since the #1 is Halo’s pistol. I mean, it’s a pistol…

That makes me think they mean “powerful” because most people agree that the pistol in Halo is way powerful. It’s probably overpowered actually. The one in the original Halo I mean.

Either way, there are weapons that were just as powerful but far more entertaining like those I list above.



How does the painkiller not make this list? Easy swap-in for #4 or #1.

FSW and everything, but there was something immensely satisfying about the lightsaber and “set g_dismemberment 3”.

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my list:
And i’m going by my most effective.
10 Pistol- halo- overpowered? maybe, but you can rule with this in MP
9 lightsaber-JK:DF II/III/IV
8 Photon cannon- Star Trek:Voyager games.
7 Cannon- Serious Sam
6 BFG -Quake II-this is the best of the BFG’s
5 Shrinker/microwave gun- Duke 3D
4 Voodoo Doll-Blood 2
3 Grav gun - half life 2
2 The all powerful Quake Rocket Launcher-was there another weapon to use in the game?
1 yeah , the Doom II Dbl Barreled shotgun. The first , still the best.
Honorable mention - the CTF grapple from Quake I, where you could grapple people the axe them to death.
Second- any chainsaw, but mostly the original Doom and Doom 3 versions.
third- any car in GTA 3/3a/3b always make a good weapon. Partial to the Combine Harvester…

What about UT’s Shock Rifle with its dual fire modes that can be used in conjunction for devastating effect? And let’s not forget the redeemer. During LAN play at work some people would just get the redeemer and a dark corner and fly that nuke around giggling like a madman just looking for a group of people to take out. I remember fire fights where everyone forgot about everyone else and just tried to kill that redeemer before it took us all out. That’s still an all time classic weapon in my mind.

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The redeemer is definitely top notch.

I think the entire Quake arsenal, from the first game, could be on the list. It felt oh so good to use the lightning gun under water and shock an entire pool full of Quake Guys (including yourself). The rocket launcher is legendary mainly because the gibs were so awesome. Other games are almost too realistic with this now. I liked the polygonal chunx of Quake.

So much fun with those weapons. Both nail guns, the axe and especially the grenade launcher when you banked 'em just right. I think Quake was instrumental in making people better first person shooter players. If you skipped the first Quake, you missed out on the best skill building in the genre that made all later games so much easier to play.


Oooh, this is gonna turn into another “List some stuff and don’t bother reading anyone else’s lists” thread, isn’t it? Goody! My favorites, with no particular qualifications other than that I liked them for some reason:

  1. The Ion Beam targeting thing - Unreal Tournament 2kx
  2. Shotgun - Halo
  3. That railgun - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  4. That ridiculous nuke - Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
  5. The Railgun - Quake 3
  6. Stake gun, or something - Painkiller
  7. Flamethrower - Marathon series (mainly for the sound the Pfhor made as they burned)
  8. MP5 - Counter-Strike
  9. Rocket Launcher - Quake 3
  10. The flag - Halo 1/2

1-5. Everything from Painkiller (tie)

MP5 Navy - Half Life
Flack Cannon - Unreal Tournament
The Head Removing Thing - Unreal


I’ll add the barnacle from Opposing Force, which you can use as a grappling hook or to put the chomp on enemies…And snarks too, of course; the way the recons panic fire as the little alien piranha bugs leap up and down around them.

You’ve just gotta give the grav gun its props, though, especially after it’s supercharged at the end of HL2, when you can yank a hapless Combine soldier off his feet and propel him, limbs flailing, into a crowd of his fellows, causing them all to jerk into the air and float as they slowly burn away…

Yeah the Painkiller itself was a great weapon. Also the stake gun which would actually toss and pin enemies to walls. Then there’s demon mode where your weapon is just, you know, “power” and explodes to ribbons everything within line of sight in an arc in front of you.

The voodoo doll from Blood 1 is classic, but how about the hair-spray with lighter (alt-fire = light on fire and throw!) From Blood 2 not just the singularity gun but what about the green laser? Has any other FPS had shots that deflected around walls three or four times like it?

From old build engine games besides Blood? Hell you have the freeze gun, shrink gun, microwave/explode gun all from Duke. You have the nuclear missile, the flame-shooting monster head, and the beating heart you can squeeze to kill an enemy in your crosshairs from Shadow Warrior.

In the Unreal family, the Redeemer is incredible, and the ASMD core alt-fire combo gun thingy. Heck it had it’s own style of gameplay associated wth it (insta-gib). Then there’s the one that shot bouncings shards that would take off heads as someone mentioned.

Plenty of forgotten “great weapons” in the older FPS games. Ah well.

To hell with the shock rifle. A hitscan weapon (or whatever they call them now if not that) that animates as if it wasn’t? Thanks but no thanks.

Rail Driver - Red Faction

Laptop gun - Perfect Dark
Proximity mines - Goldeneye

Keyboard & Dreamcast backpack – Typing of the Dead

Yeah, okay, that was a rail-shooting gallery. But still!