Best FPS weapons evar

I liked the Bee Gun from HL1.

I always liked the Spinfusor.

If you look around that site, it is nothing but poorly written/researched polls. Most overrated game? Mario 64 in at #4? Give me a break.

I think the painkiller is my favorite default weapon, and maybe my favorite weapon.


  1. Disc launcher (Spinfusor, as mentioned above) in Tribes 1. Yes, ONE. 2/3 didn’t do it nearly as well.

Someone explain to me the appeal of the spinfuzor. I guess because it’s a precise weapon like the rail gun it was cool? I liked Tribes a lot, but the Spinfuzor isn’t this super memorable gun for me.


Either the Quake 2 Railgun or the Quake 1 (or 3) Rocket Launcher.

A special spot for the TFC Sniper Rifle only because I am the supreme master badass with it.

Really? It was like the Q3 Rocket Launcher… but it was so much more sweet getting a mid-air disc.

I don’t usually care for gimmick weapons very much – I like weapons that feel powerful in a no nonsense sort of way. It’s important to note that it’s the feeling of raw power that I like, not so much their actual power. Of course, that does help too. Almost important is how the enemies react when they’re hit. With that in mind, here are a few of my favorites (not necessarily in order):

  1. Double-barreled shotgun from Doom 2
  2. Railgun from Quake 3
  3. Shotgun from Painkiller
  4. Lightsaber from the Jedi Knight games
  5. Super nailgun from Quake
  6. Painkiller from Painkiller
  7. Rocket launcher from Half Life and Half Life 2
    8) Rocket launcher from Quake
  8. Double-barreled shotgun from Doom 3
  9. Stakegun from Painkiller

How can a shotgun be someone’s favorite weapon? There’s one in every game.

They’re in every game because they’re a very satisfying weapon to use and most people really dig 'em.

So if they weren’t in every game, they’d somehow be better or something?

I mainly wanted to link to one of my favorite Shoot Clubs, but it’s just… how can you say the shotgun in Doom is so awesome? It’s just a shotgun. It’s not like the shotgun from Painkiller, which is pretty much unique as far as I know. It’s the same as the shotgun in every game. Does that mean that the shotguns from Goldeneye and Pariah and Serious Sam are tied with the one from Doom for the best FPS weapon ever?

Not sure if you’re referring to my list or someone else’s, but I listed the double-barreled shotgun from Doom 2, not the regular one from Doom (and Doom 2.) I agree that the regular shotgun from Doom was pretty average. I mean I still like it, but it’s nothing special. But man, the double-barreled shotgun from Doom 2 rocks! It’s mostly in the sound… so raw, so powerful and yet so simple. It’s amazing that in over 10 years, no one has matched it.

I was referring mostly to the list in the article, but it goes for you too!

I probably should have included that. My cool unscripted moment in H2 was downing an alien Helo with the launcher. I hit it just as it was comming overhead which was a little daft. It crashed towards me and I was bottled in amongst the car wreck and the cliff face without any room to run.

Wow… that could really fall and kill me. :) Wonderful moment. I was saved by crouching next to a car and letting it slam in on top.

My favorite weapon was the Sparq from System Shock. Not quite the default weapon, I think, but one of the first weapons you find. What I loved about it was that while it would never run out of ammo, it would build up heat with every shot. You could also dial up the intensity of the beam, so you could have a few fairly powerful shots, but then the weapon would have to cool off. It led to some memorable fights when I was down on ammo, shooting mutants with the Sparq, then trying to run away long enough for the thing to cool down.

The RL from Quake was also great, but for a different reason. I remember playing a CTF game on a map with a bridge over another area. I was gibbed by a RL shot while on the bridge, and my head (with my perspective attached) flew up in the air, but off to the side a bit, so my view plummeted down past the bridge and I (or at least my head) ended up on the floor far below. It took me a moment to figure out what happened…

The grappling hook from Quake was also fun in CTF, not so much for the grapple + axe kills, but because it made everyone into Spider-Man, if you will. I remember several times running with the flag in an open area, shooting the grappling hook off at an angle at a distant wall, running for a few more seconds, and then whoooosh, being pulled away from my pursuers at a crazy angle. Those early days of Threewave CTF were great.

I wish I could quantify it , but for some reason, even now, I just checked, the Doom II shotgun ‘feels’ better than any other one. Is it the sound? The guy getting pushed back? Donno, but it is the best dbl barrel ever. I can’t think of another game where I go for the shotgun first in DM.

The Headhunters mod for Quake was so ace because of the head thing. It was a blast to ride along with your killer as he took your head back for a score. The best was when you nailed a guy with a big trail of heads with a rocket sending gibs AND HEADS flying everywhere! Goddamn that was awesome!


I agree, though the original UT isn’t too bad either. I still play QW, and occassionally we get guys from other FPS games trying it out and usually leaving very soon after because it’s too hard. Q1’s imbalance teaches you to really work on what is important while other games are much more balanced so people can just do whatever and still get frags. Unbalanced gameplay > balanced gameplay for making players realize how to play effectively. Plus I really love the sense of control unbalanced gameplay offers compared to balanced.

This is so wrong… SNG over RL, and SNG but no LG? :lol:

Probably because doom 2 was insanely fast and all about close combat, so a very close range and uber powerful weapon dominated(which was the SSG). If you look at doom 2 server stats the SSG usually has at least 2-3x more kills than every other weapon.

That Doom 2 shotgun was something special alright. I can still remember times when I was panicking at the keyboard after a trap opened. Turning to dash for the exit, I’d find an imp right behind me, shotgun in his face, click - mulch - and I’m sprinting through the haze of blood. Good times.

One weapon I remember fondly, and one which was most certainly kick-ass was the Farsight from Perfect Dark. Sniper-rifle meets rail gun, with a scope that can see through walls and has the ability to automatically track enemies. Nice.

It might not be your cup of tea, but the double AK-47 in Timesplitters 2 are quite good. Very good firepower, and the marvellous ability to spam grenades at your friends, just to say hello.

If you consider Deus Ex a FPS, the Dragontooth might be worth a mention too. When I learned how to use it, I almost stopped bothering with the other weapons, becoming a killing cyborg ninja.

Nothing revolutionnary, but good guns are often a refinement of older concepts. You can also write me in for anything the Duke uses, I’m a major fan of ironic macho vulgarity.

Hey, that’s my first post, and I just wrote “ironic macho vulgarity” in it !