Best freeware video converter for PSP?

Any suggestions? Seems to be so many out there. Tried PSP Video 9, but it seems incredibly buggy. Crashes constantly whenever I select a file to convert.

Actually, here’s a better question – anyone have any idea why ALL the file converters seem to be crashing on me? I try loading any reasonably sized AVI or WMV file – like a 178MB file of a TV show, for instance – and I immediately go to 100% CPU usage and the program crashes. I thought this was just an issue with PSP Video 9, but it’s happened with three different programs now.

I suspect you have a general problem, bnecause PSPvideo9 is perfect at this end, on two different machines…

Is there a one step “insert your DVD and click here” process yet? :) If not, what’s the closest solution to that for the lazy?

I did have a problem, actually. All my crashes were being caused by a couple of TV shows downloaded (I time-shift this way a lot, being PVR-less) a few weeks back. I wasn’t trying to convert these videos, though, but just having them in the directory seemed to prevent me from converting other AVI TV shows. Deleted them (also discovered last night that they didn’t work) and the files I was trying to convert worked perfectly with three or four different programs, including PSP Video 9.

Bizarre, though, that this problem was occurring without ever even clicking on the files causing the problem. Anyone know if this is virus behaviour? I scanned the files with AVG and it didn’t find anything. System is apparently clean, too.

I’ve seen problems before where strangely encoded videos cause other things to crash – mainly because Windows or another program will try and read from them while they’re enumerating directories, firing up buggy decoders in the first place and bringing down the entire mess when a byte goes awry.