Best fresh air (NPR) ever

terry gross interviews triumph the insult comic dog. freaking hilarious. he actually makes her snort, she is laughing so hard. even better because she is usually very serious.

It’s 9am, I’m sitting in my cube and tears of laughter are coming out of me, I’m laughing so hard at this. Great link!

awesome. thanks, man!

That was fantastic.

Has anyone noticed that Triumph sounds exactly like George Soros?

Hmm, I woulda thought the Gene Simmons and Bill O’Reilly interviews would have been contenders for best ever Fresh Air.

Which is obvious from the way she does it at the least funny parts. I don’t know if the guy was just off his game or what, but there were missed shots everywhere.

Ha! That was worth it just to hear Terry Gross snort on air.

Fantastic. I had to go and immediately watch the Triumph in the line for Return of the Dorks video that Supertanker brought to Shoot Club way back when. Conan references that as “probably the funniest ten minutes in television history” and I’m hard pressed to disagree. Except that I think it’s longer than ten minutes.

When I’m feeling blue, I watch that video.

“Burger King…where all dragon masters go to eat.”


“You will die alone.” That was a great video. I lost it during a HD crash, sadly.

Edit: …but this inspired me to go find it again. Priceless.

You weren’t breathing heavily …

Pretend you’ve just run like, 10 feet.

Could somebody either

a: post a link to download the file, or
b: tell me why windows media won’t buffer any more. It does about two chunks of buffering, regardless of speed setting, then loses the connection and tries to reconnect. It stopped working about two versions ago.

Many thanks.


Yeah if someone could “Save as…” or something I’d appreciate it also. I’m a huge NPR buff and when I go to play the file, it just refreshes the little popup. No play at all, with the latest media plyer and everything. :(