Best game commerical?

Ok, not that I’m a big fan of advertisements, but some are just funny or neat. As much as I hate being forced to watch them (just got a Tivo, so I probably never will again), I remember one commerical that was really funny. I think it was for Unreal Tournament.

It’s a morgue, and a wife is there with the coroner. He pulls back the sheet and says “Is this your husband?”. She’s upset and says “Yes.” Then he comes to life and runs hell bent out of the room. She gets mad and yells after him. It turns out he just respawned back into whatever game they were advertising.

Any other good ones? The TV ones seems to be about 100 times more clever than the print ones (which seem to be mostly about blood and gore and addiction to games).

The newer Nintendo ads airing here are pretty decent. Don’t know if they are airing in the States, but a young scientist and an older Japanese scientist are watching a mouse move through a maze looking for a GBA Micro. The mouse finds it and immediately starts humping it. The younger scientist places a clipboard over the scene, but it starts to bounce up and down. The older scientist smiles.

The Mercenaries ad was beautiful.

“Blow something up!”
“Blow it up some more!”
“Blow the living crap out of it!”
“Keep blowing things up!”

No false advertising there.

Chris Woods

My favorite:


I always loved that wacky Chu-Chu Rocket ad. ;)

Wonderful site, BTW.

This recent one from Microsoft was pretty entertaining.

That rocks!

This one makes me laugh, mostly because it’s so stupid and low budget:

What the fuck?!

I know! It’s so bad you can’t help but be amused.

My favorite in recent memory. “Touch” everything!

Yeah I saw that one in an english version. Funny stuff.


All of the Gametap commercials are pretty damn funny–especially the Mexican Pac Man one. I also love the Segata Sanshiro commercials that Sega used to do.

Old favorite, just because it’s so catchy, the Frequency ad:

I’m astonished at how violent and sadistic the British ones are. They’re funny as hell, but I never saw anything like that before I moved to the states in 2000.

The Samba de Amigo ad for Japan is my favorite:

OMG, remember who had that as his default Windows sound?

Haha, of course. Remember who also had it in the game until sega wouldn’t allow us to ship with it?