Best game commerical?

I remember a Chrono Trigger ad that eded with “Chrono Trigger. It will be your butter”. Anyone else remember/have a link to that ad?

Check these out.

This one blows my mind:

Also, who the hell is he? Just a random character for the ads? Or is he some kind of celebrity?

The only good video game ads are the ones in which at least 90% of the time is spent showing full-screen in-game footage. Pikmin comes to mind.

He’s a character that Sega made up to promote the Saturn. Wikipedia has a great writeup…

I love it when he goes after the kids

Segata Sanshiro is my favorite ad campaign ever. He’s like that Chuck Norris meme come to life. Segata Sanshiro played baseball once and got a home run by roundhouse kicking a fastball.

That Wiki article…I’ve heard his motto translated as “Play Sega Saturn, @%^&%#!” The Japanese kind of use vulgar patterns of speech rather than have naughty-in-and-of-themself words. The level of crudeness was described to me as somewhere around “god damn it”.

So yeah, play Sega Saturn, god damn it.

Has the old Daikatana magazine ad been linked here? That’s good, in a retrospective sort of way.

…good for a laugh at least.

Chris Woods

I liked that Mercs ad. Also, the Sega ads clowning on Gameboy:




Let us not forget these classics.

That baseball ad was my favorite one!

He does voice work for some recent games.

Not technically a game ad, but still one of the all time greatest game-related ads.

“Just gotta tighten up the graphics…”

There’s also an ad that I can’t find for a game that I don’t remember where a tank chases down and kills the Downy fabric softener bear.


“Ansh my mom sheh I wouldsh nevar get anywhere wish sheez gamesh.”

and the followup

Whoa, I’ve actually seen the followup but not the original. That makes a lot more sense now.

I was always a fan of the old ads for Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy Tactics, but I can never find them online…

EDIT: Anyone else but me remember the old adds for FFVI with Mog running boss monster interviews?

EDIT2: Anyone else find the the line “Never coming to a theater near you” at the end of the old FF7 trailer more than a little ironic?

Some of my favorites are the ones for the ratchet and clank games.

They may show up on that site eventually. Until then how about this Japanese commercial for IV?

Can you really top that?

I’ve always been partial to this one:

I remember the mog interview one. Next!