Best Game Credits Ever?

I think so, but then I’m biased because I appear (driving my car) at about 1 minute in. The whole thing was done by Rex, who also appears in it. Its the credits video for the Movies, which it looks like someone uploaded to youtube:


Best game credits ever are, unequivocably, the credits to Star Control 2. Anyone who disagrees will be put behind the slave shield.

There was this old NWN mod, I believe it was Citadel of Blood or some such, and at the end you came to a large room wherein all the foozles that you vanquished over the course of 3 modules were brought back to life and gave you a peice of their mind. Needless to say, most of them were pretty pissed and flung some choice insults your way. But some of them were good sports and gave you a “good game” and/or told you that they’d get you next time. It was really cute and well done.

Definitely great.
What is it with British developers and bad acting set to cheesy music?

Oh, please. Have we really come to this? I don’t blame cliffski for reveling in his fame, but is this really gonna be a Top Ten list of credits? If so, then I’m gonna break out my Best Polygon of All Time thread on your asses.

As top 10 lists go, this is one of the few we haven’t done ten times before. And I’d never seen those credits before and appreciated the link.

That’s a serious 'stache.

I think rez had good credits.

True enough. It’s not that I’m so against a credits thread. I’m just against anything that drags us closer to being another Gone Gold/Octopus Overlords-style site, which is what it seems to me we’re becoming.

I nominate the triangle.


Oh Full Throttle, how I love you so.

Here’s the Star Control 2 ending:

edit: wrong url

Super Monkey Ball allowed you to gather bananas in the shapes of the credits. That rocked.

I liked the music in the credits for PoP:Sands of Time too.

all things considered I think this thread has not actually led to the end of the world, and I appreciated hearing about the star control credits, which are indeed pretty cool. Most game credits are very crap, so its kind of nice to hear about the ones that aren’t IMHO.

Chet or his Combine posse might very well impale me for even mentioning this, but I can’t let a “best game credits?” thread go without a shout-out to Portal. I have hard time coming up with any recent game with a better credits sequence.

Six months later, I still myself humming the God hand tune from time to time.

Star Control 2:

Katamari Damacy’s credits were pretty fun.

Guitar Hero 2 ranks up there. So long it gives you an achievement for watching!