Best Game Credits Ever?

Hands down. Actual tears.

From laughing.

Most Lucasarts games have entertaining credits, but the Star Control 2 credits are still my all-time favorite.

  • Alan

I’m partial to Sacrifice’s credits.

Eh, how abouts the credits that roll wit the “dog ending” from Silent Hill 2? The dog-barking song is worth the price of playing alone!

The most hardcore credits ever are for Tetris The Absolute The Grand Master 2, a tetris arcade game in Japan. In order to obtain the game’s highest ranking (Grand Master), you have to continue playing while the credits roll, only your pieces become invisible once they lock into the grid. If you fail during the credits, you only obtain Master rank.

if you skip to the 8 minute mark in the video below you can see what I’m referring to.

Not on par with the others, but I loved the credits to the 3rd Prince of Persia… er whichever that was. The song was AWESOME. awwweeeeesoooommmeee

Eye of the Beholder (DOS, 1990)

Just kidding.

System Shock 2, with all the crew posing as the dead crewmembers scattered about the star ship.

And Thief for it’s cool pictures of the crew in various thiefly gear.

I seem to recall a great Easter Egg when you hit shift while watching the credits of Fallout 2.

I seem to remember the original baldurs gate having great fun credits.

Heh, good call on its lameness. I remember suddenly just running into, and easily killing, the beholder and going WTF - game over? I don’t even get to finish exploring the level? Probably the worst ending in RPG history.


Well, at least the Ulukai Dance after the credits finished rolling. Took me totally by suprise.

If you were man enough (i.e. had a strong enough stomach) to finish Counterstrike: Condition Zero’s Deleted Scenes, you’d be rewarded by mega-awesome credits full of heavy metal, explosions, and guys posing with big guns.

I’m also partial to interactive closing credits, like the shooting gallery in Sam & Max Hit the Road, or the dancing zombies of Typing of the Dead.

I always got a laugh out of the Intro credits for Cannon Fodder.

And Xenon 2 had unequivocably the worst ending in videogame history… nothing but static after grinding through that game!


Portal didnt go live yet right, you guys just have review copies?

That was various bits of concept art combined with some dance mixes.

  • Alan

I’m too lazy to research it, but wasn’t there a story behind this? Something about disk size limits vs the build they shipped?

Sweet thanks for the linkage. There seems to be a million youtube BG videos but none of the credits sequence, which is weird cause I specifically remember it being really funny, with even more Tiax quotes than those mp3s let on, maybe I’m wrong tho.

Sadly I cannot remember any great credits… Outcast weren’t bad :)

Why is it the people most likely to talk about GG/OO are the ones who quite clearly haven’t been there for almost a decade?


The standard ‘yay, you won the level’ animation. Credits roll.

After the Atlantic Accelerator, I believe the appropriate word is: AAARGH!