Best Game Credits Ever?

Please elaborate.

Just remembered Wolf 3ds ending was pretty neat, after having been stuck behind the character’s eyes all game they sweep out of body and let you see your character run to freedom. I always thought that was neat but this technically isnt a credits sequence.

Warcraft III with all the vignettes. The rock concert was badass.

God Hand, which also features best everything preceding the credits.

I reinstalled the game and finished it again because I was sure this was a bug… it wasn’t.

Later I did work experience at Bullfrog and took the opportunity to tell them that whoever decided not to put an end sequence there was a jerk. So don’t worry, I took care of it ;)


I also want a hit out on the genius who decided ‘Let’s make a level out of glass…’ in Syndicate Wars. Grr…

No, this was… ooo, must have been 11 years ago. I was there when they were play testing Syndicate Wars, rating the levels for difficulty. I got stuck with Gene Wars. and even though it was early and not all the mechanics were in place, I could tell it wasn’t going to be a seller.

On the other hand I got to see the REALLY early Dungeon Keeper and Populous 3 builds.

Cool stuff that :)

Two things:

  1. Did you ever get to see Creation or any of the Magic Carpet work?
  2. I hate you. :~)

At least Gene Wars would have been easy to do that for. I seem to remember that the difficult progression went something along the lines of ‘uh, okay, urk, aargh, KNIFE TO THE FACE!’. And after the first level, it was a complete and utter bastard.

Well when I was there, they were just putting together the tutorial level, and I got to play it for a day solid. Oh yeah, great fun ;) My favourite bit was the way game mechanics were added, but no one would tell you about them. Numbers appeared on the terrain, you’d report it as a bug and it turns out it’s a game objective. Nice.

There was a fun bug where you could cancel other players’ buildings in MP with your engineer :)

No Magic Carpet, no, this was well after Magic Carpet 2.

I love the credits for the Call of Duty games:

No one has suggested The Secret of Monkey Island 2 yet? All of the great suggestions for what your time would be better spent on? I don’t have a video clip handy, but here’s a link to the text from after the credits rolled:


What about M.I.S.T.?

M.I.S.T.? I thought I knew all their games, but that is a total stranger to me.

The Secret of Monkey Island was the first one, which is where the list is taken from.

The list is from Monkey Island 2, actually. Just after Elaine says something to the effect of, “I hope LeChuck hasn’t cast some sort of spell on him or anything.”

Must have been to make up for the weak-ass ending.

I still like the ‘pretend not to be at war’ concept, and the Independence Day guns. But the game was absolutely nonsensical when it came to explaining what the hell you were supposed to be doing, what blob did what against what, and- Oh, game over, your base is gone.

I think MI’s was “Now turn off your computer and go to sleep!”

I forget the game but it was a vertical-scroll shooter on the Amiga. Your weapon was a device which could be either a helicopter and a tank - or swapped between on alternate levels or something.

When you won by blowing everything up, you got a short screen explaining how thanks to your efforts the world was now at peace. As a consequence you were now surplus to requirements and unemployed.

It ended with the ominous message “your P45 is in the post.”

Also re: ominous messages, the “we…almost…won…” at the end of that wargame in the early 90s which tried to recreate the Nato/Warsaw Pact conflict and always ended in mutual destruction with the world in a nuclear winter.