Best game intro

In the highly under utilized chat we have been kicking around some of the best game intros:

A couple I really enjoyed were the original I-War and Gran Turismo 3.

What are some of yours?

– Xaroc

Having just watched it last night, I’ll include the Fallout intro as a good one.

My other favorites are Silent Hill and Dungeon Keeper 2. Lots of times I’ll fire up those games just to watch the intro.


The I-War intro was like 10 minutes long! Ah, good times.

I also enjoyed watching the Myth intro, and the Sam 'n Max intro (credits included) is always good for a chuckle.

  • Alan

Mechwarrior 2, 3 and 4 are the ones that come to mind right away.


-mike ‘mlatin’ latinovich

I still keep a copy around just to watch the intro.

As ever,

Loyd Case

I think you have to mention “Out of this World” for its very cinematic, polygonal intro movie way before such things were popular. I still wonder, though, how a nuclear physicist could possibly afford a Ferrari.

Diablo 2 deserves mention for how amazing the whole thing was. I know that good movies are Blizzard’s trademark, but most people were just blown away.

And while it’s not an intro movie per-se, Half-Life deserves a lot of credit for turning around our whole perception of how cames could, and should, start.

wow, i had forgotten that one- back in tha day, on the amiga, that was just a super-fabulous intro to watch. i’d be lying if i were to say that i didn’t re-start the damn thing many, many times just to watch it.

-mike ‘mlatin’ latinovich



Starcraft. I think the expansion. One with the guys in the trench, the firebat, and the to Russians dudes in the battlecruiser.

Half-Life is probably the best ever. Runner up IMO would probably be Fallout. Freespace also had a great (albeit rather long) intro.

Earlier games with great intros:

Raid on Bungeling Bay (incidentally the best game Will Wright ever made ;) )

Times of Lore

Ultima IV

Project Firestart

Swordquest Earthworld (well, that shiny picture of the sword blew me away when I was a kid)

My vote for best ending cutscene goes to Icewind Dale.

First on my list I’ll second Mechwarrior 2.

Half-Life deserves some kind of mention, though I imagine it’s a love/hate thing for a lot of people if you ever had to sit through the tram ride more than once.

The Fallout franchise is pretty near my all time favorite in any category so that deserves mention.

point me to it!!! i’ll utilize the hell out of some chat!

The entire beginning of Final Fantasy X with Blitzball and the destruction of Zanarkand is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen lately. I’ve never wanted to play a game more after watching/participating in an opening than maybe Vagrant Story which is also awe-inspiring.


point me to it!!! i’ll utilize the hell out of some chat![/quote] or go to and join the QT3 channel.

– Xaroc

I’ll have to toss another vote behind Mechwarrior 2. When I loaded that up for the first time, my jaw hit the floor. I still install it and show off the movie to friends who are new to PC gaming.

Diablo 2 and it’s expansion also have great intros. Then again, Blizzard always has great intros.

Command and Conquer. That video, with the Hell March, got me going every time.

First Runner Up: Starcraft. Hicks in space.


The first Fallout game takes the cake for me. Prior to that, my favorite was the intro from Mechwarrior 2.

I thought the intro for Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries was much cooler than Mech2 or the Ghost Bear expansion.

Which is, incidentally, why I’m looking forward to Mech4: Mercenaries. It’s all the fun of Giant Robots minus all that high-falutin’ clan bullshit.

Longbow 2 had a pretty cool intro, if I remember correctly.

I agree about Mechwarrior2, though I’m gonna go nuts and throw Quake 2 in the mix. I thought that intro as pretty sweet.