Best Game Names

Wait, is this one of those lists that are supposed to be about one thing but then we all end up just naming games we like? I love me some Zelda, but would “The Legend of Zelda” really make this list if it had been a crap game?

I guess I’ll add Chu Chu Rocket because it’s fun to say.

I humbly submit my favorite name from among the games I did

Tropico : Mucho Macho Edition

Then again, European marketing hated this name so much (or just thought nobody outside of the U.S. would ‘get it’, that it was called plain old “Tropico : Gold Edition” over there…

Maybe not, but I was basing that on the fact that the name really works for this particular game, because it has an epic feel to it…it was so huge at the time. I mean Halo would be a stupid name on its surface, until you realize the Halo referred to is like a small planet and is central to the plot. NOW Halo seems like a cool name. When I first hear it I though…meh.