Best game on iPad - there can be only one!


Football Chairman.




Arg! no fair putting anything up that you cannot get anymore! :P

I’m going to throw in Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic


Hungry Cat Picross. My companion for two years ans counting. Free, and a couple of bucks to “remove the ads”, but any sensible living being will want to throw those their way because it is awesome.


Hmmph…just cause its new doesn’t make it better. There can only be one…Kingdom of Dragon Pass


Temple Run 2. What do I win?


Atlantic Fleet.

To start. Then Pacific Fleet.


Twilight Struggle.


Missile Cards.


Invisible Inc.


This is correct.

But if I’m going to give a different answer, it’s… Hoplite?

Nope: Fairway Solitaire.


Awesome pick. Totally forgot I had bought it. Reinstalling it right now.

Edit: well, seems they took the paid version offline and are imposing the IAPorama over it. Just like PvZ. Blech.


You, Sir, have excellent tastes.


So fun, many titles I’d never heard of. Thanks! I’m glad no one posted something like clash of clans :)


Yeah Big Fish Games is on my “never again” list for what they did to Fairway Solitaire, which certainly was one of the best mobile games of all time. Now it, along with the company that made it, is basically everything wrong with mobile gaming.




Empires & puzzles. Although it’s better on the phone, really.


Thank you.

Whatever Fairway Solitaire once was, it is not that anymore.


Sorcery! 1-4.

Technically each is it’s own app, so… but it’s one long game. A wonderful remake / updating of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery! gamebook from the 80’s, including the great and strange 80’s art which seems grittier and less derivative than fantasy art today (I especially like the flying, spindly elves that sit like howler monkeys in trees and throw sticks at you.)


I do not believe I have seen Starbase Orion listed yet.