Best game out there to push your PC to the limit

Huh? New high-detail textures? Did someone release some kind of texture update I don’t know about?

Anyway, Far Cry is probably the most taxing game you can run on a PC these days, with the details cranked. Outside of Ultima 9. ;)

Man, too bad you bought a GeForce FX there, Grundy. :( It’s just not up to par on Pixel Shader 2.0 stuff, for the price. If you didn’t want to wait for an x800, I would have gone with a 9800XT instead.

Ultima IX.

I would say that LOMAC is pretty much a 500# gorilla on any and all systems – fire it up with FRAPs and crank the details. Watch smoke pour out of your GPU.


Jason- the 9800 wasn’t offered anymore…I already have a 9600 256 if I think the NV sucks…I have to say so far it is real purty.

OK…this machine is un-fucking-believable.
First it is 2 feet tall
Quiet as a mouse-which I expected some noise with the NV card but the low hum when playing is unnoticable
Case is beautiful
Blue lights give the office a cool glow
Everything set up very easy, and gasp it all worked.
Surround sound…OK I’m late to the party here, but man if you don’t have at least a 5.1 setup spend the money…it adds so much.
Personalized manual-all benchmarks and test data-saves me from doing it myself.
Cool Geek Shirt. Swag is good.

I’ve now run- BF Vietnam- which on my old PC each map took 2 minutes to load a map…now 30 seconds…tops. used to play at 800x600 35fps with everything turned down to medium or lower.
Now full bore everything and I’m breaking 80fps my frag rate just increased by x3. Can’t wait to see what I get in BF1942
Far Cry- yep beautiful,def. the ‘show Off’ game. runs great…at full everything it gets some slowdown, but nothing that is even close to unplayable.
UT2k4- droooool. looking at something this nice and playing online at the same time should be outlawed. Over 100fps.
Ultima IX…good idea. :?
Thief 3- sorry no. Liked the Demo,Ion did a great job, but I’ll never spend a cent on an Eidos game. Make me unemployed? Fuck them.

Alienware has been a class act to deal with. When the guy who was building my PC called just to double check the parts I was blown away. We talked for about 1/2 hour about games, parts and stuff. I tried to get an x800 out of him again, but they just don’t have them in the building. Sigh…I guess there has to be one upgrade in the future. Like in 2006.
OK back to installing everything.

Nice machine. Very nice.

As for games FarCry is a definite with details turned all the way up.

If you want to really drag your machine down to its knees install LOMAC and turn all the detail sliders up. :wink:

Wow, that is odd. What sort of gear do you have? I am using a AMD 2400, 1G RAM, and Ti4200 /w 128MB. I’m wondering if I should spring for a new video card or try to tough it out. I know I’m not ready to upgrade the entire rig yet.[/quote]

AMD 2500
768 megs pc 3500
ATI 9800 pro

I can’t remember for sure, but I think I ran the game at high with AA set to med, and AF set at 4x in 1080x768. I’m not positive though. Like I said ran wonderfully for the bulk of the game but at the end things got jumpy. I think it was the third to last level in the game when it started.

Pirate it, then. That way you get sweet gaming and sweet revenge all in one delicious overnite broadband party.

Not really a “game” per se, but Microsoft Flight Simulator remains the biggest CPU pusher of any entertainment product I’ve tried.

On my rig – P4 3.06, 1GB, GF FX5900 Ultra – with the clouds on full and the Ultimate Traffic AI package installed, a bad weather day at a busy airport can see the program drop to 5 to 15 fps. And more typical performance still tops out at about 25 fps unless you’re looking at all sky…

I was ready to pass on the new card until I got to this part. I am at low arcoss the board and I really can’t turn on AA/AF unless the game is from 98/99 time frame. Thanks man. I am decided.

AA needs a few more years. I could turn it all the way up in my current computer’s first year.

But after that, AA is the first thing people will turn off anyway when they need more FPS.


I find that AF makes a bigger impact on the ‘look’ than AA does. With AA for some reason it all starts looking to sharp for my taste, and actually starts looking less ‘real’. You are right for the hit it just isn’t worth it for me. AF I do max out though.

Far Cry- the biggest difference in the game between my old rig and my new is not the graphics, but the AI. I breezed through the demo only my old machine, this time it is actually a challenge. They are reacting to sound, reinforcing thier buddies and calling for backup. Very cool, buying the full version today. Usually single player FPS’s piss me off, trigger-trap-another trigger-trap,non-interactive cool scene that you wish you could play instead of watch, wash rinse repeat. Far Cry seems to not have this too much. I could be wrong though.

It is amazing when you get a new machine on how everything is faster, net connection, burning disks, exc. With the hyperthreading it kicks ass that I can burn disks , download a movie (the new Burnout 3 trailer kicks butt) and play online in BF:Vietnam all at the same time with no slowdown. OMG actual mutitasking without the BSOD.

UnrealED runs like a dream.
3dMax also.
the editor I work on (like Final Cut Pro, but for News Production) screams and even without a SCSI drive for media at 25mbits/sec it flys along happily with no issues. Hmmm…maybe I can convince the boss guys to go with the Alienwares instead of Dell…Of course for doing HD we might have to . The Alienware post production machine is a dual xeon 2.5g with 4 gigs of ram. That might…Might actually do HD.
And you sould see AOL messager-super quick! :wink:
Other cool Alienware discoveries:
Alien Autopsy- this is the debug tool. I hard crashed the machine on purpose to see what it did. There are a ton of logs, that acutally log every single thing, for every single component and app, that is going on. Awesome. Also has an auto send right to customer support.
The Alienware graphics config- like a 3rd part tweaker, but better designed.
This is hands down the best machine I ever bought, and the best PC company I’ve ever dealt with.

You’re giving me the upgrade bug solomon. I’m waiting for HL2 and Doom3 but damn are they taking their time.

Sol, how do you access that graphics config? Is it in your system tray, or on the start meu, or somewhere else??

I ordered pretty much the same system from them that you did, and don’t remember seeing anything like that . . . just the standard NVidia control panel.

I have Alien Autopsy, but that seems to be it. I ordered my rig in mid-March, so I guess it’s possible that it’s something brand new.

Greedo- you had to spend an extra 20 bucks or something for it. it was offered right below the video card options

It sits in the tray and is the Grey head. Right click, do preformance properties and voila. The other tabs link to the usual NV stuff. But, there is an overclocker in there, serious tweak stuff, a temp gage that you can set to pop and notify you when you hit a threshold.[/quote]

Dude awesome. Rock!

I didn’t see this on TTLG or anything. I wonder why? The game news sites should know about this little project.